Editor’s Note:  Charlotte Eriksson aka The Glass Child has released seven EPs, three full-length albums, and three books full of prose and poetry.  The alternative indie-pop artist is certainly an artist in every sense of the word.  In this interview with Madness To Creation, The Glass Child discusses her vagabond ways, her latest single “Alone With You”, mental health awareness and charting on I-Tunes in Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  Fans can find The Glass Child at the following locations:





Madness To Creation:  You have charted on Swedish I-Tunes chart along with being on major radio stations in U.K., Netherlands and Sweden.  Tell us about the feelings and emotions you feel when you hear your music on the radio and see your name on the i-Tunes chart.

Charlotte:  It’s quite a strange feeling, creating something in my own small ways, usually in rented bedrooms around Europe, and then seeing those creations being shared around the world.. it’s beautiful and strange at the same time.

Madness To Creation:  I love the song “Alone With You”.  Sounds vulnerable yet powerful.  Take us into the song, and what was the most challenging and rewarding aspects behind this song.

Charlotte:  This song happened like an explosion of emotions, too many things I’d been wanting to say for too long without having an outlet to say them. I put the guitar riff on loop and programmed the drum beat and just let myself sort of throw out everything I wanted to say. Some songs you work on for months, trying to get it right, and then there are those songs that just happen. I usually go back and tweak melodies and lyrics and work on the production for very long, but with this song it all just fell into place all at once.

Madness To Creation:  You describe yourself as having vagabond ways, what are some big adventures you have been on?

Charlotte:  I’ve been living sort of on the road the last ten years I would say. I started my journey as a songwriter in England when I was 18 years old, and since then I’ve lived in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Indonesia temporarily before moving on to the next place. End of 2019 I just moved back to Berlin in Germany. I guess I would call myself a restless soul. I like the idea of finding a home in the world, but I also know that I thrive on starting new in new places, and I’ve learned to build a home in moments rather than in cities.

Madness To Creation:  How would you describe The Glass Child to someone using a movie title.

Charlotte:  I actually  threw this question out on my social media because I was blanking and I got the most amazing ideas! I’m gonna go with “On the Road”, which is obviously a book by Jack Kerouac, but I think my vagabonding journey has come to symbolize me as an artist quite a lot.

Madness To Creation:  What is the moment you felt the most accomplished as a musician?

Charlotte:  One moment is really hard… every time I hear that one of my songs mean something to someone, that makes me feel accomplished. But actually, releasing this new single and eventually my new album, that is an accomplishment I wasn’t sure I would achieve. This will be my third album and the fact that I can still make music and still have people who care about it is my greatest accomplishment and I don’t take it for granted.

Madness To Creation:  At Madness To Creation, we focus on mental health awareness, what are some things you do to help you get through and to keep strong?  What advice do you have for our readers?

Charlotte:  Having struggled with anxiety for many years myself, I have grown a very deep spiritual practice. I meditate every day, practice yoga and study the philosophy. Having my own ritual every morning helps me find peace and calm every day.

Madness To Creation:  Big plans for The Glass Child for 2020?

Charlotte:  Releasing my new album together with an accompanying book of prose and poetry, and then hopefully going on tour!

And there you have it!  Follow The Glass Child’s social media pages and official website listed above so you can keep tabs on her.  Check out the music video for “Feeling Everything, Holding On To Nothing” below:

-* Photo Credit:  Linda Bose

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