Doppelgänger is the brand-new single from Gothic electronic duo, Sensory Enigma. Hailing from Chester, UK, Sensory Enigma stems from a desire to explore human emotions differently often focusing on the darker feelings that are kept hidden. Doppelgänger explores the idea of having more than one ‘self’. Everyone presents a different version of their self in different situations. What happens when you can’t decide which version is true? The ethereal yet eerie synths and vocal style create a haunting effect, and multiple voices bring to life the various ‘dopplegängers’.

The single officially releases on the 7th February 2020 – available to stream and download on all major platforms.

Here’s what Vocalist and songwriter, Holly Royle, had to say about the single:

The project, Sensory Enigma, is about exploring the darker side to human emotions. Everyone experiences the world in different ways but it’s easy to encounter feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’. The world, particularly the virtual world of social media, presents a false expectation of what real life should be. Because of this, it’s far easier to feel lost and question your emotions.

I hope that my lyrics, and Sensory Enigma as a whole, can help people to realise that these darker emotions are perfectly normal and experienced by most at some point. I also hope it can break through the facade of what ‘reality’ should be and allow all emotions to be validated as part of the human experience.

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