It was a great night of regional action(sound like an old school territory wrestling promo) as St. Louis’s Discrepancies, along with Illinois’ Alborn took the stage at Spicoli’s Reverb and Live Bar Arcade in Waterloo, Iowa.  Discrepancies was hyping their forthcoming single at the time entitled “Control”, which has been smashing regional rock radio stations as of late.

The night began with several local hip-hop artists as Spicoli’s Reverb made the first half to be a hip-hop showcase and the second half to be a rock showcase with Discrepancies closing out the evening.  One hip-hop showcase artist I want to highlight is local Cedar Valley hip-hop artist Dead Silent.  Dead Silent absolutely ripped it with the live drummer situation going on.  The drummer made Dead Silent sound clean and he was spitting more bars than Dial and Fort Knox at the same time.  See what I did there?  I immediately picked up his album entitled “Containment Therapy” and will be reviewing it coming up!  It was nice hearing a hip-hop artist that provoked a person’s thoughts and just made good well thought out songs with crazy good rhymes thrown in the mix.

Alborn took the stage next.  As a lefty, I definitely appreciate someone that can play the guitar, whether it be electric, acoustic or bass, left handed and Alborn brought that.  It always looks upside down but so much cooler.  Lefties of the world unite!  Alborn played some new singles along with some of their cuts that have scored thousands of hits on YouTube including “Full Circle”, “Let Me Bleed” and “Prime”.  Their breakdowns packed a punch and their solos were wonderful in the sense that they served the song.  I’d like to see Alborn let loose and be more comfortable on that stage, but this band is going to do very well in the future.  My advice to Alborn is if there’s a stage, go play on it!  Great band!

Discrepancies took the stage, I can’t recall what they opened the show with but they absolutely tore it up.  They have a new drummer in tow and he sounded amazing and the band sounded more versatile than I can remember them sounding.  Addison shined while him and Antonio traded off in vocals with “Art of War”, and when they did their medley cover of “99 Problems” by Jay-Z and “It’s Goin’ Down” by The X-ecutioners, the band just looked and sounded more confident than the last time we saw them at Spicoli’s Arcade.  Their new single “Control” sounded off the chain and Dub Flow helped out with “Rock The Show”, which added a nice touch to their set.  They closed out with “Get Hype”.  There was a larger crowd than the last time they were at Spicoli’s, which tells me that they’re gaining a following up here in Iowa.  I hope next time they sell out Spicoli’s Arcade because if any band deserves it, it’s Discrepancies!  Check out interview with Discrepancies coming soon!

Discrepancies have the following gigs coming up:

Fri. 3/6- Whiskey’s Roadhouse in Rockford, Illinois

Sat. 3/7- Back Bar in Janesville, Wisconsin

Sat. 7/25- Pipestem Spa, Mountain Chalets & Events Center in Pipestem, West Virginia

For tickets and further information on any of the gigs listed above, click here.

Check out the music video for “Control” below:

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