Looking For You is the eighth studio album from Finland by Amberian Dawn. Described as “Melodic ABBA-metal”, vocalist “Capri” Virkkunen delivers a melodic vocal style that complements their synth choice. They have a distinctive sound the combines the ‘party’ dance feel with the heavy guitars and bass.

Opening with United, the album has an uplifting feel from the off. With a catchy chorus hook, a reoccurring feature of their music, and moving rhythms that encourage you to move to the music, it works well as an intro track. The title track, Looking For You, has a great energy from the off. The bouncing, djent style, rhythm guitars ground the bass tones of the track, whilst the lead synth melody soars above. It adds that ‘dance’ feel and really draws in the ABBA influences. The chorus hook focuses around the lead synth melody with the vocals tying in nicely. It’s wonderful to see the variation on song styles on this album. Along with the energetic tracks, Amberian Dawn have incorporated more theatrical elements of their sound. Symphony Nr.1 Part 3 – Awakening brings a haunting theatrical sound to the album. The male and female vocals portraying two characters brings the story behind the lyrics to life. This track also brings in the fantasy element of their sound.

Universe brings a soft vocal melody with piano and orchestral accompaniment. It’s a beautiful sound that brings a gentleness amongst the fast pace of the previous tracks. The style of build-up with the instrumentation has been well composed. Bringing in guitars and percussion in the second verse balances the track nicely. It’s not too surprising to find an ABBA cover on this album. Lay All Your Love On Me gives the original an interesting twist. Amberian Dawn have chosen synth sounds that are reminiscent of the original but clearly add their own spin on the sound. The travelling bass line through the verse lifts the momentum and segues seamlessly into the pre-chorus build up. The chorus is very much like the original; they’ve layered their heavy instruments underneath the track, but the synth experimentation is more subtle in this section. Capri’s vocals fit this track wonderfully. Au Revoir draws in folk metal influences with the traditional instruments leading the opening melody. It creates a sombre tone – a melancholy mood that rather contrasts the high energy of the previous tracks but rises into an optimistic sound. This short instrumental track sees the 80s style synths merge in with these instruments, not necessarily a combination you might expect.

Amberian Dawn have delivered a powerful album that explores the multiple sub-genres that are an integral part of their unique sound. They conform to the title of “ABBA-metal” but have shown that they are capable of so much more too.

Here is the track listing for “Looking For You”:

  1.  United
  2.  Eternal Fire Burning
  3.  Looking For You
  4.  Two Blades
  5.  Symphony No. 1 Part 3: Awakening
  6.  Go For A Ride
  7.  Butterfly
  8.  Universe
  9.  Lay All Your Love On Me
  10.  Au Revoir
  11.  Cherish My Memory (remastered)

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