Editor’s Note:  Welcome to the 18th edition of Weekend Brunch Edition Weekly News and Spotify Playlist via Madness To Creation!  It was a whirlwind of a weekend so we apologize for getting this out to you late!  We crack open some eggs, fry up some steak, and enjoy some brunch.  But wait, we missed out some music news and you might be wanting some new music to check out!  Well, Madness To Creation is your hookup, holler if you hear us!  #SorryScottSteiner  So, after you put away the Halloween decorations, sit back and relax and enjoy this weekly Spotify playlist. It is broken down into the following categories:

  1.  Meat & Taters:  This is where the heavy hitters come in to play.  The main course if you will.  Chances are you’ve heard of this group.
  2.  Light & Fluffy:  This is where a band/artist might come off on the lighter side of music.  Where you might have a potato pancake with the glass of OJ.
  3.  Tailgate:  Because you can’t wait til lunch or supper so these bands/artists get you in the mood to tailgate and party over brunch.
  4.  On The Side:  These bands/artists are brand new(well to us anyways) and you might put a little on the saucer to give it a try before diving into the meat & taters!

Meat & Taters

  1.  Cody Hanson and Marshal Dutton of Hinder released their Americana single entitled “Like A Ghost” via their side project Dangerous Hippies via American Songwriter Magazine.  Hinder will be performing in Las Vegas for Leap Year.
  2.  In This Moment releases music video for “Hunting Grounds”, featuring Joe Cotela of Ded.  Fans can check out the video here, and “Mother” is due out March 27th, and they will be co-headlining with Black Veil Brides beginning March 24th at House of Blues in Orlando.
  3. New Hope Club makes top five debut of their debut album via Hollywood Records.  They debuted at number four, with Tame Impala, Justin Bieber, Lewis Capaldi, and Billie Eilish rounding out the top five.
  4. Breaking Benjamin are featured in Artix Entertainment’s flagship games AdventureQuest and AdventureQuest 3D.  They will be sharing the stage tomorrow night with Korn in Missoula, Montana.
  5. Hip-hop artist Smokeasac teamed up with Travis Barker of Blink 182 to release “Insomnia”.  Fans can check out the single here
  6. Thermal Entertainment released Framing Hanley’s first album in six years entitled “Envy”.  Fans can check it out here
  7. Gender fluid pop star Dorian Electra released they’s music video for “Guyliner”.  Fans can check out the video here and they will be performing on February 24th in Minneapolis.
  8. OMB Peezy released the single for “Let Up”.  This is the follow up to “Big Homie”, which amassed over 18 million views on YouTube. 
  9. C.W. Stoneking announced his tour in support of “Gon’ Buggaloo”.  The tour kicks off March 21st in Lawrence, Kansas and wraps up April 9th in Chicago.  
  10. U.K. Melodic Metal band The Raven Age released their single for “The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships”.  Fans can check it out here.  
  11. Black metal legends Dark Fortress will be releasing “Spectres From The Old World” on February 28th.  This is their first album in six years.
  12.  Alleageon announces “The Terrestrial Takeover Tour 2020” with special guests Fallujah, Entheos and Etherius.  The tour kicks off April 9th in Denver and wraps up April 29th in Seattle.  

Light & Fluffy

  1.  Cory Becker released his debut album “One”.  Fans can check out his single “Under A Tree” here.
  2.  New Jersey singer/songwriter Brian Mietz released his single entitled “Glue” via WXPN 88.5 out of Philadelphia.  Fans can check out the premiere here
  3.  The Wild Honey Pie premieres the single for “Love Is Gone” by Local Nomad.  Expect an EP from Local Nomad to be due out later on this year.
  4.  “Skip Intro” LP by Moon Bounce is out now.  The album is a concept album of the past three years of dealing with mental health issues which led to him producing Tommy Lee’s solo album back in 2017.  
  5. New York singer songwriter Josh Kelley released his single entitled “Love Her Boy”.  He begins his nationwide tour on March 5th in New York City.  
  6. Indie pop duo CLAVVS released their video for “Half Moon”.  Fans can check out the video here and extended EP “No Saviors” is due out February 25th. 
  7.  Canadian singer/songwriter Zoon released music video for “Vibrant Colors”.  “Bleached Wavves” is due out June 19th via Paper Bag Records. 
  8.  Singer/songwriter KaiL Baxley released his music video for “In Lieu Of”.  “Beneath The Bones” is out March 6th via AntiFragile Music and he starts his Palm Springs, California residency March 2nd.
  9. Pitchfork premiered the single for “SWIM” by Empty Country.  Empty Country is the solo project of Joseph D’Agostino of Cymbals Eat Guitars.  Fans can check out the video here.



  1.  The Second After released their video for “Daily Ritual”.  Fans can check out the video here and they will be performing tonight in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
  2. Belgian alternative rockers Black Mirrors released an unplugged music video for “Whispering Ghost”.  They will be touring with The Picturebooks in Europe beginning in Paris March 13th. 
  3. U.K.’s Lizzy Farrall have released their single for “Knocked For Six” via Pure Noise Records.  “Bruise” is out March 27th via Pure Noise Records.
  4. New York Punk-n-rollers Wyldlife released their single for “Kiss and Tell”.  “Year of the Snake” is due out April 17th via Wicked Cool Records.
  5. New York rockers Wildestreet released their single “Born To Be”.  Fans can check out the single here and Wildestreet will be performing tonight at Bar None in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
  6. Philadelphia rockers Mo Lowda & The Humble released their single entitled “Pearls”.  “Ready Coat” is due out March 6th and they will be embarking on a tour with Desert Noises beginning March 20th in Blacksburg, Virginia.
  7. Indie rockers Don’t Believe In Ghosts released their single for “Living Like This”.  Fans can check it out here and they will be performing March 13th at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.  
  8. Atwood Magazine premiered the single for “Sink or Swim” by New Zealand indie rockers Marlin’s Dreaming.  “Quotidian” is due out April 21st.  
  9. Australian punk rockers Introvert released their EP entitled “Mending Breaking” via UNFD.  Fans can check it out here
  10.  Stay Sick Recordings signed Dropout Kings to a record deal.  They also released a music video for “GlitchGang” which fans can see here.  
  11.  U.K. rockers Little Triggers released their music video for “Bang(Bang Bang Out Go The Lights)”.  Fans can check out the video here
  12.  TEETH, which features ex-members of Straight Reads The Line, Hundred Suns and Every Time I Die premiered their music video for “Smother” via Revolver Magazine.  Fans can check out the premiere here.  
  13.  Brooklyn Vegan premieres the music video for “Vision Loser” by Neck Of The Woods.  They will be opening for Misery Signals starting April 30th in Edmonton, Canada.
  14.  Raven Black announced that they will be opening for In This Moment, Black Veil Brides and Ded.  They will also be releasing their video for “Hear Me Cry” soon.  
  15. Canada’s Mundy’s Bay released their video for “Visions of You”.  The post-punk outfit will be releasing “Lonesome Valley” March 13th via Pure Noise Records.  They will be touring, tour kicks off March 5th in Montreal and wraps up April 6th in Dallas.  


On The Side:  


  1.  Kansas City industrial rock band Razorwire Halo released their lyric video for “Red”.  Fans can check out the lyric video here
  2.  Minneapolis metal band Graveslave released their guitar playthrough video for “Grotesque Hybrid” via PureGrainAudio.  Fans can check out the premiere here.
  3.  Canadian metal band Demise Of The Crown released their music video for “Fixated” via Metal Insider.  “Life In The City” is due out April 24th. 
  4.  “Excelsis” by Isle Of The Cross is out now via Rockshots Records.  Check out the video for “Sacrifice” here.   
  5.  Canada’s ITUS released the music video for “This Can’t Be”.  “Primordial” is due out March 13th. 
  6. Symphonic metal band Aeternam have released their music video for “Al Qassam”.  “Al Qassam” translates to “The Oath” in Arabic.  “Al Qassam” album is due out March 27th and they will be performing in Quebec on April 10th.  
  7. Los Angeles metal band Art Of Shock released their video for “Dark Angeles”.  They will be sharing the stage with Sepultura beginning March 18th in San Diego.
  8. North Carolina metal band Aether Realm released their music video for “Goodbye”.  “Redneck Vikings From Hell” is due out May 1st via Napalm Records and they begin their tour with Paladin beginning April 22nd in Charlotte.
  9. Alt Revolt premiered the music video for “Boiling Point” by Israeli garage rockers The Dodies.  Fans can check out the premiere here
  10. 14 North released their debut album entitled “What Is The Feeling” via Pavement Entertainment.  Fans can check out their video for “Break” here
  11. Illinois deathcore band Orinoco released their live music video for “Weak”.  Fans can check out the video here
  12. Finnish death metal band Wolfheart released their single for “Ashes”.  Their concept album about the 1940 war between Russia and Finland entitled “Wolves of Karelia” is due out April 10th via Napalm Records.  They will be on the “Devastation of the Nation” tour with Rotting Christ, Borknagar, Abigail Williams and Imperial Triumphant, which kicks off March 19th in Berkeley, California.
  13. Karabas Barabas released their psychedelic alternative rock single entitled “Kool-Aid Giuliani”.  “Degenerate National Anthem” is due out in March.
  14. Los Angeles alternative rockers Secret Social Club released their music video for “Gravity”.  They also have released their own comic book coinciding with their music.

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