On February 14th, Italy’s The Destroying Laser released their debut album entitled “Oracle” via Rockshots Records.  This album is the beginning that molds The Destroying Laser.

The Destroying Laser is a four-piece post-hardcore band that is composed of Thon on lead vocals/bass, Kaioh on guitars/backing vocals, Elios on guitars/backing vocals and Magno on drums.  The band has taken a combination of introspective lyrics, highly emotive arrangements and a dynamic rhythm section to help bring about a whole-new element in the post-hardcore genre.

The album starts off with “Encounters”, which sounds ominous and soaring all in the same token.  The Destroying Laser tapped Paolo Colavolpe of Destrage for the track “Unbeatable”.  The chorus offers soaring elements coupled with a wonderful mid-tempo arrangement that make the fans of post-hardcore long for the 2000’s all over again.  The harmonies in the chorus sound impeccable, coupled with the screams in the bridge of the song.

“Foxhole” sounds somber at the end and then “Another You” kicks in, and this is where Thon absolutely shines on the vocals.  The guitars make people get out of their chairs and dance.  Check out the video below to see what the hell I’m talking about:

There are so many amazing elements to “Oracle” by The Destroying Laser.  For a debut record, Rockshots Records landed a gold mine with this album.  The repeated listenability is off the charts with this album as The Destroying Laser continues to peel away layers of who they are with each listen.  The universe is the limit with this band, and the universe knows no boundaries.  Madness To Creation rates this album a 9 out of 10 stars.  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Encounters
  2.  Unbeatable
  3.  Hostile
  4.  Dead Sailor
  5.  Foxhole
  6.  Another You
  7.  Arcane Ashes

Fans can find The Destroying Laser at the following locations:




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