On March 14th, Oakland queercore sensations Middle-Aged Queers will be releasing their debut album entitled “Too Fag For Love” via Outpunx Records in collaboration with Sell The Heart Records, which is ran by Andy Pohl of Tsunami Bomb.

The hazy origins of punk, like that of the early hip-hop and psychedelic movements gets divided by coast.  The capitals of these movements depends on the lens of study and genre but its impossible not to bring up the Bay Area when discussing the beginning of punk and hardcore.  Self-proclaimed, ‘seasoned punks’ Middle Aged Queers are exactly what they say they are and proud of it.  Sporting members of revered Bay Area bands like Flipper, Fang and Wet-Nap, Middle Aged Queers have something to say to an emerging generation of punks.  Their debut album Too Fag For Love has fun pop-punk, anthemic bangers like the opening track, “Gary’s Making Biscuits”, and their hard-hitting theme song which sums up their ethos and message simply with the lyrics ‘we’re the middle aged queers, go fuck yourself’.  This album will make you want to skate and go tag something, whether you first heard Green Day from American Idiot or you saw them at 924 Gilman back-in-the-day.

So on March 14th, pick up “Too Fag For Love” by Middle-Aged Queers via Bandcamp or via 10″ vinyl, which the hot pink version is limited press run to 225.  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Gary’s Making Biscuits
  2.  Bike Cock
  3.  Patrience Worth
  4.  SoDoMe
  5.  Frankenstein’s Alive
  6.  I Got The Gay Edge
  7.  Red Herring
  8.  Theme Song

Fans can check out the single for “Gary’s Making Biscuits” via Bandcamp here.

Fans can find Middle-Aged Queers at the following locations:




Check out Middle-Aged Queers at the following gigs:

Sat. 3/14- Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, California (w/GayCDC, Homobiles)

Thu. 4/2- Golden Bull in Oakland, California (w/Easy Queen)

Fri. 4/3- Golden Bull in Oakland, California (w/Easy Queen and The Big Forgive)

Fri. 4/17- The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, California (w/The Nunns, Born Jealous and The Ollies)

Sat. 4/18- Winter’s Tavern in Pacific, California (w/Lolly Gaggers and Erik Core)

Sun. 4/19- Cafe Colonial in Sacramento, California (w/Addalemon and Frack)

Fri. 5/1- TBD in Honolulu, Hawaii

Sat. 5/2- Downbeat Lounge in Honolulu, Hawaii

Fri. 5/15- TBD in Fresno, California

Sat. 5/16- Toxic Toast in Long Beach, California

Sun. 5/17- The Sardine in San Pedro, California (w/The Reflectors)

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