Editor’s Note:  Out of Nashville comes a tremendous musician that infuses many genres into her body of work.  Fans will be able to hear elements of Post Malone and Green Day with her own distinct, raspy vocals to deliver unique, highly emotive arrangements.  Stacey has won various awards and accolades based upon her songwriting and has toward the Northeast last year with over 100 shows in 2019 alone.  Stacey Kelleher sat down with Madness To Creation to discuss her single “Want Me”, along with her influences and favorite albums and the ever-important topic of mental health awareness.  Fans can find Stacey Kelleher at the following locations:




Madness To Creation:  The song “Want Me” is heart wrenching, what have you learned the most about yourself in that song?

Stacey:  I’ve learned that I should always speak my mind and not be afraid of what people might think. I’ve learned to not let immature boys get to me (LOL) and that I should always put myself first. Musically, I’ve learned I love putting rock and trap/hip-hop influences in my songs. This is the first song that’s truly felt like “me” that I’ve worked on/recorded, which is a huge step in my artistry.

Madness To Creation:  You graduated from the Berklee School of Music, what is the number one takeaway you had from your studies there?

Stacey:  To always stay true to my artistic vision and not put too much pressure on myself. Also, realizing how lucky I was to make so many incredible friends there that I still collaborate and work with closely – I’m sure I always will, too.

Madness To Creation:  Describe your music using a movie title.

Stacey:  “Crazy Stupid Love” hahahahaha

Madness To Creation:  Five favorite albums of all time?


1. Continuum – John Mayer
2. Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves
3. Heard It In A Past Life – Maggie Rogers
5. Stranger in the Alps – Phoebe Bridgers 
Madness To Creation:  One strength you feel you have about your guitar playing and one thing you want to work on?
Stacey:  I feel like I’ve got a good strength at soloing. I definitely want to work more on fills and going from chords into licks.
Madness To Creation:  At Madness To Creation, we cover mental health awareness through normalizing mental health conversations, what are a few things that help you get through when times are difficult and what advice do you have for our readers?
Stacey:  First of all, I love that that’s a huge priority for you folks and I want to say thank you for that – I think it’s gone unspoken about for far too long and it’s so important, especially in the music industry. When times get tough for me, I turn to therapy – it’s gotten me through a lot. I also pursued getting prescription medication from a doctor, which has helped me immensely. I’d say never be afraid to seek out help if you feel you need it – there are trained professionals that are available and want to help. And never hesitate to reach out to supportive friends/people you trust as well.
Madness To Creation:  Big plans for Stacey Kelleher for the rest of the year?
Stacey:  More music, some new shows/tour dates, video content, collaborations…anything and everything is on the way! 
Madness To Creation:  What else would you like to add and thank you for interviewing with me for Madness To Creation!
Stacey:  I’d like to say thanks to everyone for reading and checking out my music – it means the world to me and I greatly appreciate the support. It means a lot to me as an independent artist. And thank you, Madness To Creation, for having me! I appreciate the coverage and time you take for artists!
And there you have it!  On Sunday, March 22nd, Stacey Kelleher will be performing at Helping Our Music Evolve- Sad Girl Night in Nashville, Tennessee.  For tickets and further information, click here.

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