Rising high in the Japanese metal scene, Lovebites bring a dynamic sound inspired by Western metal bands and, their own unique backgrounds in music. Their sound is powerful from the off with strong melodic and power metal influences. Lovebites aren’t afraid to experiment with their music to create something different and this can be seen in their new album, Electric Pentagram.

Thunder Vengeance is a powerful opening track to the album. The atmospheric thunderous sound effects give the track a theatrical feel. With fast-paced guitars, intricate melodic leads and high energy from the start, Lovebites aren’t afraid to jump straight in with their powerful sound. Asami’s dynamic vocals enhance their melodic sound. With a strong vocal range, she delivers a fantastic performance. Holy War follows increasing the drama of their album. The addition of orchestral strings in this track introduces a further dimension to their sound. The opening riff of guitars and strings playing the same riff is then contrasted with the fast, heavy guitar rhythm. The guitars have been recorded with precision. The momentum of Lovebite’s music does not let up, and the inclusion of fast little motifs shows off the skills of guitarists, Midori and Miyako. The orchestral aspect of this track intensifies during the bridge in which the atmosphere is electric. Golden Destination includes a guitar and bass focused riff that brings a variety of different sounds to their track. Leading into, yet another, alluring guitar solo.

Today Is The Day opens with an eerie synth lead that dives into an explosion of heavy guitars. It’s one of the heavier tracks on this album and shows another side to Lovebite’s music. This track also has more of a stripped back first verse. It allows the lead vocals to hold the focus more, really showing off Asami’s powerful vocal.  A Frozen Serenade has the feel of a ballad and contains some unexpected surprises; a soft gentle solo piano, and flamenco style acoustic guitar solo. These sections seamless segue into the melodic metal sound. It’s great to hear some inventive twists hidden in their tracks. The energy of the album doesn’t falter. Dancing With The Devil and Set The World On Fire are both fantastically compelling tracks; fast-paced, atmospheric and high-powered! The soaring chorus of The Unbroken, accompanied by a catchy guitar motif, forms a dramatic penultimate track to the album. Swan Song concludes the album on another theatrical note. The sweeping piano melodies throughout the chorus give the track a fairytale-like feel; it contrasts interestingly with the heavier, fast-momentum of the guitars in the verse. Ending with the delicate piano melody brings a calm, serene atmosphere.

Electric Pentagram combines some of the best features of power and melodic metal, along with the quintet’s own unique sound. The production quality and sheer talent of all the members is staggering. Lovebites aren’t afraid to introduce some unusual elements in their music and by doing so they create an array of dynamic soundscapes within their already dynamic music.

Line Up

Asami: vocals
Midori: guitars
Miyako: guitars & keyboards
Miho: bass
Haruna: drums

Track listing:

  1. Thunder Vengeance
  2.    Holy War
  3.    Golden Destination
  4.    Raise Some Hell
  5.    Today Is The Day
  6.    When Destinies Align
  7.    A Frozen Serenade
  8.    Dancing With The Devil
  9.    Signs Of Deliverance
  10.    Set The World On Fire
  11.    The Unbroken
  12.    Swan Song

Check out the music video for “When Destinies Align” below:

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