Originally forming back in 2004, Warbringer have taken the thrash metal world by storm in their career stemming over fifteen years. Having overcome the loss of founding member John Laux in the early 2010s, faced an indefinite hiatus, and changes to their line-up, Warbringer did not give up. The quintet entered a new era with the release of their album Woe to the Vanquished in 2017. It brought great success, and now Warbringer continue in this chapter of their career with the new album, Weapons Of Tomorrow.

The album launches into fast powerful riffs, ludicrously energetic percussion and screaming vocals. This opening track, Firepower Kills, clearly sets the mood for the album. The energy and fast pace continually build throughout the track ending on a dramatic note. More traditional thrash influences take precedence in this track; the intricate guitar solos fly in left, right and centre bringing a work-out for the senses as melodies materialise, develop and disappear in a split second. John Kevill’s vocals are incredibly powerful as they enhance the identity of Warbringer’s sound. From the low growls to soaring screams that would make even demons flee. Warbringer have balanced the brutality with atmospheric instrumentation in various forms across the album. The dominant melody of Defiance of Fate is an interlocking guitar lead, initially played on a cleaner setting. The contrast textures of the harsh vocals and soaring lead guitar melodies creates an eerie feel. The haunting atmosphere of this track feels very different to the first three tracks of the album, which focus on the brutal, full power, thrash sound. It shows off their versatility, Warbringer’s ability to convey a powerful combination of emotions.

Heart Of Darkness also includes cleaner guitar melodies to bring an epic contrast with the heavy distortion. The opening intro consisting of a simple bass motif with a higher melody intertwining around it, leads into an explosion of distorted guitars. The bass guitar takes a prominent role in this track carrying simple, yet very effective, melody lines that keep the track moving forwards. The intensity of the instrumentation develops throughout the course of the track leading to a climatic peak. The layering of the harsh vocals packs a punch, and the delay effects give that eerie feel. By ending the track with the bass motif and a haunting, atmospheric sound effect, Heart Of Darkness has a wonderful theatrical element. Power Unsurpassed launches back into full thrash metal mode with delicious guitar solos and leads. The guitar tones have an extra dense texture which really packs a punch when layered up. The panning effects add an extra dimension to the music that just teases the aural senses. The mood of Notre Dame (King Of Fools) is very dark. The subtle dissonance sets of the atmosphere of the track. With the energetic percussion, furious fast rhythms and no-nonsense vocals, this track suddenly gives an unexpected twist. The bridge creates a moment of serenity amongst the darkness. A fantastic little quirk in the track.

Weapons Of Tomorrow draws in traditional thrash elements with some new twists. Warbringer haven’t forgotten their roots, and they clearly intend to keep them in their music. By incorporating a range of unexpected instrumentation sections, their cleverly composed music has a powerful theatrical element. Playing with the dynamics in their tracks, along with the instrumental tones and textures, the quintet have cultivated an intense signature sound.

Release Date: 
April 24, 2020

John Kevill – Vocals
Adam Carroll – Guitar
Carlos Cruz – Drums
Chase Becker – Guitar
Chase Bryant – Bass

Track listing:

  1. Firepower Kills
  2. The Black Hand Reaches Out
  3. Crushed Beneath The Tracks
  4. Defiance of Fate
  5. Unraveling
  6. Heart of Darkness
  7. Power Unsurpassed
  8. Outer Reaches
  9. Notre Dame (King Of Fools)
  10. Glorious End

Check out the music video for “The Black Hand Reaches Out” below:

Warbringer have some European gigs coming up this winter(Covid-19 permitting).  Check out the gig dates below:

Sun. 11/29- Dynamo in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Mon. 11/30- Kulturzentrum Schlachthof in Wiesbaden, Germany

Wed. 12/2- The Dome at Tufnell Park in London, United Kingdom

Thu. 12/3- Manchester Academy 3 in Manchester, United Kingdom

Sat. 12/5- Voodoo Lounge in Dublin, Ireland

Sun. 12/6- Slay in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Tue. 12/8- Petit Bain in Paris, France

Wed. 12/9- Sala Santana 27 in Bilbao, Spain

Fri. 12/11- Sala But in Madrid, Spain

Sat. 12/12- Salamandra Sala 1 in L’hospitalet De Llobregat, Spain

Sun. 12/13- Le Grillen in Colmar, France

For tickets and further information on any of the gigs listed above, click here.

Fans can find Warbringer at the following locations:



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