Editor’s Note:  If you want to hear someone of class and pure entertainment value, look no further than the world-famous Lou Brutus of HardDrive XL, which is a nationally syndicated radio station.  The difficult question to ask him would be “who hasn’t he seen” or “who hasn’t he interviewed or photographed”.  I was legitimately starstruck having a conversation with my favorite radio personality.  What sets Lou Brutus out from the rest is that he always has his tidbits of wisdom in between his interviews and the music that he plays on HardDrive XL.  In this interview with Madness To Creation, Lou Brutus discusses how he discovered Slipknot, Snoop Dogg getting him higher than a kite, and other amazing tales from his book “Sonic Warrior:  My Life As a Rock-N-Roll Reprobate”.  His book is officially released today via Rare Bird Books, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.  Fans can find Lou Brutus at the following locations:





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