Today, Upstate NY based metal band A Fitting Revenge will release the first single from their upcoming album Omnipresence, entitled The Inquisition. 

The new album, to be released September 4, 2020, is the band’s sophomore full-length release after the well-received Tempus Fugit, released in 2017. This also follows EP releases in 2013 and 2014 under the name AFR

Of the writing and production of this album, Ledwing (Guitar/Vocals) states “We pretty much gutted the way we do things after the last album and looked at each part of the process  from scratch. Even though people liked Tempus Fugit, we knew we could do better. Between that, and a jolt of energy from our new bassist Grant Davis, this new album is everything Tempus Fugit was, but on a keto diet and rippin’ steroids.” 

To hone the razor edge tightness of tracks on Omnipresence, the band has enlisted mix engineer and War of Ages guitarist Jack Daniels with SickTones Studio, whose clients include Life By Death and Fleshkiller. In addition, mastering will be handled by engineer John Douglass, whose credits include mixing on Nile, Carnifex and Amon Amarth records. A Fitting Revenge will premiere The Inquisition on Thursday, April 16th at 6:00 PM on YouTube (linked). More 

information for A Fitting Revenge can be found at

On the issue of mental health awareness bassist Grant Davis states the following:  “I’ve found that taking action is really the best thing you can do when times get tough. Focus on completing one thing at a time, even if it’s just getting out of bed. Go outside. A small amount of exercise or physical activity will immediately improve your mood. Try to be around positive people. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re struggling and ask for help. Most importantly, though- start doing something, anything!”

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