Out of Montreal comes a band who combines post-punk with a dreamscape type of twist on the music.  On March 13th, Mundy’s Bay released their debut album entitled “Lonesome Valley”, which includes their single “Goodbye”.  Mundy’s Bay, who is composed of Esther Mulders on vocals/keyboards, John Donnelly on guitars, Victor Beaudoin on guitars, and Will Love on bass.  They recruited Kurt Ballou(Converge, Joyce Manor, and Code Orange) to produce and engineer this record.

Before I interacted with Mundy’s Bay, I hadn’t realized their sounds and textures were exactly what I was craving.  Growing up on the thriving independent music scene of the newly digitized, early 00’s I had traded my bedroom pop for angsty hooks and dissonant melodies, it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to be listful and dance at the same time.  I had been familiar with some of Pure Noise’s heavier releases and was wondering what exactly this would sound like.  The Canadian outfit has released one of my favorite records that will find its way into the best of the decade last ten years from now.  Hooky with the right amount of punch, poppy yet far from over-produced.  There isn’t a skipable song on the album, with personal favorites like Goodbye and Sleep Away The Summer there are calls to open fields and spontaneity as well as a healthy dose of introspection.   10/10.  Hands down.

Track Listing For “Lonesome Valley” by Mundy’s Bay:

  1.  Goodbye
  2.  Seasons Pass
  3.  Wash Over Me
  4.  Heavy Bloom
  5.  Visions Of You
  6.  Dreams
  7.  Window In The Shade
  8.  Heaven’s Close
  9.  Sleep Away The Summer
  10.  Moonlight
  11.  J’ai tout perdu

Check out the music video for “Goodbye” below:

Fans can find Mundy’s Bay at the following locations:




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