Contributor’s Note:  Tom Harrington (Guitars/Songwriter) Michael T Baker (Lead Vox/Lyrics) of the Orlando Hard Rock band Fall Of Envy joined The Don’s Hit List Podcast to go over the goosebump moments in their collection of music. These two gentlemen are great human beings as well as talented musicians. Fans of Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Sevendust will love this band. Their debut album “Poetic Rage” was full of songs that had emotional lyrics matched to a solid hard rock melodic sound. Songs that deal with severe depression, losing a loved one in death, true love, and some songs that are angry.  Fall Of Envy is composed of Michael T Baker on vocals, Tommy Harrington on guitars, Dave Rivenbark on bass and Brandt Frenchman on drums.  Fans can find Fall Of Envy at the following locations:

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List at the following locations:

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