Today, Minneapolis four-piece hard rockers COLD KINGDOM have released their EP entitled “Devil In Me”.  I believe that this is a taste for what’s to come for this exciting band!

I must say, the vocals in this EP are powerful and their cover of “Times Like These” by the Fighters of Foo is absolutely ridiculous.  The vocals that Elissa Pearson showcases in “Times Like These” are emotive and powerful, which is desperately needed in the darker times that we are in.  If Dave Grohl hears this cover, he should be sharing it immediately because Cold Kingdom does a cover how it SHOULD be done and that is paying homage to the artist/band while putting their own twist on it.

Their single “Devil In Me” immediately hits you like a battering ram to the stomach of a pregnant woman.  Yes, it hits that hard.  The guitars crunch and slay like a fat ass plowing through a bag of Doritos like it’s his last supper  and the rhythm section makes even the wallflowers at that awkward middle school dance sway and move to the groove.  This song absolutely crushes like skulls in a Twitter war with Trapt.  The acoustic version provides a more somber version of this song, which sets the mood and ends the EP on a quieter note, the guitars do eerily remind me of some old school Days Of The New, which daddy like!  I will never call myself daddy again.  But I digress.

I love the direction that Cold Kingdom has taken.  This band gets the “uncomfortable mattress” award, which means you shouldn’t sleep on this band.  Get to know them and love them like you love yo’ mamma!  Check out the EP in its entirety in a non-exclusive fashion here at Madness To Creation!

Fans can find Cold Kingdom at the following locations:

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