‘The Reckoning Dawn’ sees UK black metallers, Winterfylleth, return two years after their critically acclaimed acoustic/folk album, ‘The Hallowing of Heirdom’. Hailing from Manchester, they draw inspiration from England’s vast history and dynamic landscapes.

The album packs a punch from the off with ‘Misdeeds Of Faith’. The immense wall of sound created by the instrumentation is dramatically enhanced through the harsh vocals and backing choir. The contrast of these two very different vocal styles introduces a greater variety of texture to the sound. It also really enhances the overall atmosphere of the track. The history that influences Winterfylleth is well represented in the choral sections and by keeping the tones low across all instruments and vocals, a truly dark and dramatic soundscape flourishes. Later in the track the guitar lead introduces a soaring melody in a higher, and more major, tone. This variation makes a huge change to the mood of ‘Misdeeds Of Faith’. There’s a sense of hope in the darkness. Winterfylleth have a powerful guitar tone which is central to their sound. The heavily distorted guitars, are not only fitting of the black metal genre but, contribute to the eerie, haunting feel of their music. Some wonderful harmonies, in the instrumentation and vocals, occur in ‘A Hostile Fate (The Wayfarer Pt. 4)’. At the end of the track, the choir vocals build in volume, leading up to the climax of the track. The soaring lead, in a higher pitch, elevates their sound with a powerful effect. Bringing in a mediaeval folk feel.

‘Absolved In Fire’ is the longest track on the album, almost reaching ten minutes in length. Beginning with a beautiful folk instrumental section, the contrapuntal melodies across the instruments appear to dance in and out of one-another. The subtle introduction of distorted guitars builds up; gradually increasing in volume before jumping into a fast rhythm. ‘The Reckoning Dawn’ features a dynamic section consisting of an uplifting chord sequence, with a powerful guitar lead floating above the instrumentation. This section introduces an atmospheric, almost ethereal feeling, to the track before returning to the heavier depths of their sound. ‘Betwixt Two Crowns’ forms a serene interlude on the album. Interplaying folk inspired melodies on acoustic guitar, this short 1 minute and 30 second (ish) piece, once again, sees variety in their sound. The two interplaying melodies convey the ‘Two Crowns’; it’s a gentle piece with subtle suggestions of their being more to the story underneath. The album concludes with ‘In Darkness Begotten’. It’s a dark, heavy track, but even from the beginning, a lead riff subtly suggests something more. The track creates some wonderful contradictions with the presence of the demonic harsh vocals, soaring choral harmonies, acoustic guitar chords, eerie strings and dissonant distorted guitars. It’s a wonderfully dramatic ending.

Winterfylleth have produced an incredibly dynamic album that delivers all aspects of their sound; from the traditional folk inspired to the dark and heavy. The influences of their sound clearly come through in both instrumentation and vocals; they have effectively carved their own identity within the black metal genre.

‘The Reckoning Dawn’ releases on the 8th May 2020 via Candlelight/Spinefarm.

Track listing:

   01 – Misdeeds of Faith
   02 – A Hostile Fate (The Wayfarer Pt. 4)
   03 – Absolved In Fire
   04 – The Reckoning Dawn
   05 – A Greatness Undone
   06 – Betwixt Two Crowns
   07 – Yielding The March Law
   08 – In Darkness Begotten

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