Recently, San Antonio, Texas heavyweights MEMORY OF A MELODY released their EP entitled “Burn Alive”.  The album seems to be chocked full of fuel, rage, and an aggression through this quarantine.

Fans will start a freaking social distancing mosh pit from the first note that is played on “Burn Alive”.  The first track entitled “Mary Go Round” hits hard like a punishing jab to the throat from a vengeful woman.  It has what sounds like a music box going for the first few seconds, personally, I would’ve held on to that part for a few measures longer to build that ominous feeling, then Memory Of A Melody shows that they take no prisoners with their rage-fueled vocals, aggressive blitz on the guitars and a rhythm section that packs enough groove to make Michael Jackson go “hee hee” from the dead.  I also appreciate the tempo changes which shows Memory Of A Melody can be aggressive yet technical at the same time with their tempo and transition changes.

The title track is a highly emotive track.  In my interpretation, the track challenges the listener to rise above the challenges of getting through a broken relationship.  I like the harmonics of the guitar and I like the transition into a solid mid-tempo head nodder.  This is probably the closest that Memory Of A Melody will get to a ballad.  Then it gets into this crazy guitar solo.  “Rise Up” is that fist pumping call to arms for all the swamp ass metalheads to get loose in the pit.  I can see this song being an intro to WWE NXT or that type of programming.  I would certainly recommend this band to sell this song as placement for WWE or the far-better AEW, but that’s me.

This was an enjoyable EP that grows on you with each listen.  If you just want to rock out and let loose some energy, let Memory Of A Melody be the soundtrack to that carefree moment.  Check out the EP in its entirety via Spotify below.

Fans can find MEMORY OF A MELODY at the following locations:

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