All Birds Deserve To Fly is the debut album from Kadima, the brainchild of Seattle-based guitarist Aidan Israel. The album is deeply conceptual born from Aiden’s personal experiences with mental illness and his beliefs.

“‘All Birds Deserve to Fly’ is a concept album detailing mental health struggles and my spiritual connection to Judaism,” says Israel. “When one writes music, they’re meant to rip themselves open and expose themself to the world. The concept of KADIMA is meant to guide our light to a new level of spiritual understanding and wisdom. I am beyond honored to share this with you all as it truly means the world to me.”

Here and Where, opening with a spoken word section performed by Aiden, gently draws the listener into the intimate emotional aspects of this album; it immediately feels very personal. The instrumentation is simultaneously uplifting and serene. A slight bit of dissonance suggests a hint of unease beneath the surface. Drawing together a soaring, progressive guitar lead, floating above layered instruments and choral vocals, the atmosphere of this track is incredibly dynamic. It flows seamlessly into Bound and Thethered. The opening ‘open your eyes’ has a dramatic effect. Kaylee Jorene’s vocals are introduced in this track and her voice adds a whole new dimension to the sound. The tone and texture of her voice is distinctive and enhances and instruments of the track without overpowering the sound. The guitar lead in this track has a similar feel to Polyphia’s track Look But Don’t Touch. There is a strong presence of multiple musical influences, but Kadima have designed a unique sound.

Scratching and Clawing is one of the heavier tracks and is the longest on the album. Dramatic distorted guitars bring a deliciously dark texture, whilst the chord sequence encompasses the dark mood of the track. The vocal styles and lyrical content also play a significant role in the overall mood of this track. Fast lyrics, with barely any pause for breath, appear to represent fast-pacing thoughts. The aggressive spoken words from Kaylee personify the negative thoughts, that I’m sure most people have experienced at some point in their life. The presence of soaring leads, slower tempo sections and carefully designed chord sequences brings a sense of hope to the track, showing the darkness isn’t all consuming. The soundscape of Scratching and Clawing is very theatrical and dynamic; it aptly portrays the emotional themes Aiden shares through his music. Following on with the title track, All Birds Deserve to Fly, the mood of the album is effectively balanced. The two tracks thematically flow well together.

Kadima have produced a beautifully real album. Aiden hasn’t shied away from revealing the dark emotions and situations many people face, and has transformed his thoughts into dramatic soundscapes and meaningful lyrics. The variation between the tracks perfectly reflects human nature and also shows off the wide spectrum of Kadima’s sound.

All Birds Deserve to Fly track listing:

1-Here and Where

2-Bound and Tethered

3-Guiding Paths

4-Lights and Vessels

5-Scratching and Clawing

6-All Bird Deserve to Fly

7-Love and Desolation

All Birds Deserve to Fly lineup:

Composition (music and lyrics): Aidan Israel

Guitar: Aidan Israel and Sam Mendoza

Vocals: Kaylee Jorene

Spoken Word: Aidan Israel

Drums: Nick Mea

Keyboards: Eric Guenther (The Contortionist)

Bass (“Bound and Tethered,” “Lights and Vessels”): Isaac Luger

Bass (“Here and Where,” “Scratching and Clawing,” “Love and Desolation”): Nikitus Perez

Guest Guitar Solo (“Bound and Tethered”): Chance Fuller

Guest Guitar Solo (“Lights and Vessels”): Amit Fortus

Acoustic Guitar (“All Birds Deserve to Fly”): Zach Kornhauser

KADIMA online:

Check out “All Birds Deserve To Fly” by Kadima in its entirety below via Spotify!

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