(Minnesota)- Emerging singer-songwriter TREVOR KNIGHT is a recording artist, pianist and singer-songwriter hailing from the dirt roads of Minnesota.  Influenced by soul-pop and great hooks, Trevor writes meaningful ballads on his piano to inspire others through his lyrics.  His sound was developed while being a part of an a capella group at Dartmouth College.  Once placing as a finalist in the “Dartmouth Idol” competition, he started envisioning a career in music and moved to New York City after college.  Throughout the process of crafting and recording his single “Giving It Up”, Trevor got a glimpse of what a life in music could be like, and he was hooked.  Trevor has traveled to music conferences throughout the United States such as CD Baby’s Music Conference and has used his knowledge of the industry to be featured on notable publications such as Vents Magazine and Medium.  His new single “I Deserve Better” is a perfect song to listen to going into the Spring and Summer season by letting go of all those that are holding you back and realizing your self worth.  Trevor strives to continue to make anthems about different aspects of life and love.  Trevor Knight is excited to give people an early look at his single “I Deserve Better” via Madness To Creation via Soundcloud and he shares a bit of mental health awareness advice with our readers and listeners.

Here is what Trevor had to say about “I Deserve Better”:

“I Deserve Better” takes the pain of a relationship gone wrong and flips it on its head. It’s a pumped-up, bubblegum pop jam that is based on a true story. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from a situation to realize how toxic it really is.

Here at Madness To Creation, we cover mental health awareness as much as possible because it’s so critical for us and Trevor wholeheartedly agrees.  Here is what Trevor had to say about what he does that helps him through his struggles:

Exercise and diet are critical for me. Keeping myself sharp physically is key to making sure I’m all there mentally. I also need to get outside as much as possible – going on long walks or hikes gives me clarity and peace. I also journal, read the Bible, pray, and talk with my loved ones, which helps me stay strong and steady.

The single “I Deserve Better” by Trevor Knight is officially out via Spotify and all available streaming platforms tomorrow.  Fans can find Trevor Knight at the following locations:




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