On April 24th, one of the most powerful acts in today’s metal scene Trivium released their ninth studio album What The Dead Men Say via Roadrunner Records.  The band–composed of vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, guitarist Corey Beaulieu, bassist Paolo Gregoletto, and drummer Alex Bent–continues to evolve their sound and in the process has produced an absolute masterpiece!  Through the press release, Heafy states, “Throughout our career we’ve learned who we are.  We’ve found a really great place to exist in this world.  We love melodic death metal, we love black and death metal, and we love hardcore.  What The Dead Men Say is everything we do on one record.”

Following an introduction, the title track is the first song on the album.  An awe-inspiring guitar riff eases the transition from the opening  intro “IX” into the song.  This track exemplifies the raw and unique sound that makes Trivium who they are.  I’ll let the music speak for itself on this one and urge you to check out the official video below:    

“The Catastrophist” is the debut single off the album and is an excellent example of Trivium’s ability to blend metal with melody.  This ability carries on throughout the album.  “The Catastrophist” specifically is a powerfully written song and the lyrics can be applied to many aspects of society.  Please check out the video for this song as well:

I am guessing “Bleed Into Me” will be the mainstream hit of the album.  It’s the right mixture of melody and screams to fit a mainstream song, plus the lyrics are outstanding highlighted by the catchy “As it bleeds into me, let it sink in for you.  Tell them the story.  Tell them the truth.”  It is a song most listeners will easily relate to!

Fans who want “all metal all the time” may struggle with the transition Trivium has made over the years.  They are still heavy but, as many bands do, they have morphed over the years to a more balanced albeit still heavy sound.  I personally love this and give What The Dead Men Say a rather emphatic 10/10 score!  This will be hard to beat when it comes to my 2020 album of the year! 

Track Listing:

  1. IX
  2. What the Dead Men Say
  3. Catastrophist
  4. Among The Shadows and the Stones
  5. Bleed Into Me
  6. The Defiant
  7. Sickness Unto You
  8. Scattering the Ashes
  9. Bending the Arc to Fear
  10. The Ones We Leave Behind

Trivium is set to provide support along with In Flames for Megadeth and Lamb of God on MAJOR tour beginning June 12th.  However, with the pandemic, I am going to recommend readers simply stay informed by checking out Trivium on the following website and socials for any updates concerning the tour and other news:




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