Contributor’s Note:  Out of Bay Area/San Jose, California comes a four-piece math rock band called GHOSTING.  Ghosting is a four-piece band composed of Bo on bass, Craig on guitar/vocals, Hans on drums, and Ray on guitar/vocals/occasional trumpet.  For a newer band starting out, Ghosting is making waves by appearing on the Chorus FM compilation album “Covid-19 mixtape”, where proceeds went to the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program and MusiCares, along with releasing their first music video for “Gnar Gnar Kickflip McTwisty”, which is their homage to the Tony Hawk: Pro Skater video game.  Craig of Ghosting discusses their writing process and their music video with The Don and The Grizz on the 94th Episode of The Don’s Hit List Podcast via FAB Radio International.  Fans can find Ghosting at the following locations:

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List Podcast at the following locations:

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