Contributor’s Note:  It was an absolute honor getting to speak with Dax about the viral music video for “Joker” with Madness To Creation.  Dax has broke the internet with his incredible lyricism and poetic wordplay with this track and bringing light to mental health awareness and to the issue of cyberbullying.  XXL describes Dax as having “aggressively earnest raps and a passion to continue building upon what he’s created to date, Dax is showing no signs of slowing up”.  In the music video, Dax transforms into a psychotic clown become more of a maniac as the song progresses.  Dax is bringing awareness to the poignant issues of mental health and social media bullying which drives the suicide rate every year.  Fans can check out the launch of the website via Living Legends Entertainment at

Fans can find Dax at the following locations:

Madness To Creation:  How did Joaquin Phoenix inspire you?

Dax:  His execution of the JOKER character was impeccable. Very inspiring.

Madness To Creation:  The song hits hard about mental health and songs like this is what we’re looking for when we cover mental health?  What are some things that inspire you, test you and challenge you in your personal growth?

Dax:  Things that inspire me and challenge me in my personal growth a lot of the times is anger. I’ve always used the feeling of anger or feeling disrespected to fuel and push me towards greatness. Other than that leaving something in the world that will last forever or more specifically making an impact inspires and challenges me.

Madness To Creation:  What’s your favorite scene from the movie “Joker”?

Dax:  The last scene when he makes it to the TV show and shoots the television host.

Madness To Creation:   When you talked about how the chain is a facade from the pain in “Joker”, that hit really deep, is that part of how you see the world?  Is that we put on masks and facades to hide the pain?

Dax:  Yes that is partly how I see the world. Many of us use material items or verbal and non verbal cues to distract others from what is really going on. I’m no different. I enjoy letting people know I’m human. We are all hiding things from people especially when we don’t know them.

Madness To Creation:  How have you been holding up through this pandemic?  What is the first thing you want to do when this is all over?

Dax:  I’m holding up great. I’ve always been a simple guy. I sleep, eat, workout, and work on my craft. When it’s all over i’m excited to play basketball, go to the gym, and go on tour.

Madness To Creation:  You inspire so much with your poetic lyrics, what inspires you when you are sitting down with that pad and paper?

Dax:  Whatever I’m going through or thinking at that period in time inspires me.

Madness To Creation:  Which rock band do you want to do a collaboration with?  Which hip-hop artist would you want to collaborate with?

Dax:  Queen and Eminem.

Madness To Creation:   The big reason why we’ve made the switch to discuss mental health for Madness To Creation, is I’ve personally lost two friends to suicide and I volunteer for suicide prevention.  What are some things that you are passionate about that you want to donate your time and energy towards?

Dax:  I will donate my time and energy towards motivating people. I believe that to inspire is the highest human act. To give someone hope is irreplaceable.

Madness To Creation:  I have to say that I’m completely honored to be talking to Dax for Madness To Creation, what else would you like to add that we haven’t covered?  Anything coming up on Instagram Live or Facebook Live?

Dax:  I think that pretty much covers it and nothing planned, I just hop on either whenever I feel like it.

And there you have it!  Check out his music video for “Coronavirus(State of Emergency)” below:

One thought on “(Mental Health Moments) Poetic Hip-Hop Star DAX Converses with Madness To Creation on Mental Health Awareness & “Joker”

  1. Dax is really on to something, he’s incredible. His song Book of Revelations, and Dear God, have sunk deep with me. I have a lot of respect for him, not only for how he pours his soul into all of his songs but because he’s not afraid to throw himself into his music without fear of being judged; though he knows he will be.. which is a shame. He’s a true artist, and his lyrics are emotions. He talks about when he’s writing his songs his hands get to shaking, and that’s powerful! I really hope to continue hearing music from this guy.

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