Contributor’s Note:  Paul Masbad of New York emotional punk band LIVE WELL discusses his goosebump moments on the 98th Episode of The Don’s Hit List Podcast with The Don and his co-host The Grizz.  In this episode, Paul discusses their emotional pop punk with their deeply rooted lyrics.  During this interview, Paul shares a story of his time where he was in a really bad place and was close to the end until a police officer saved his life.  This past February, Live Well released their two-song EP entitled “Winter Jawn”, and were slated to perform at SXSW in Austin this past March, but Covid-19 happened.  Live Well is composed of Paul Masbad on vocals and guitars, Max Johl on guitars/background vocals, Donald Perdomo on guitars/background vocals, Luis Castro on bass/background vocals, and Neil Stafford on drums.  Fans can find Live Well at the following locations:

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List Podcast at the following locations:

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