Today, Albuquerque, New Mexico poet/singer-songwriter Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers is releasing his full-length album entitled “Aberrations” via Bandcamp and Spotify.  This album is certainly a step in the right direction for a potentially budding career for Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers.

Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers began attempting a career in songwriting at the urging of his husband, whom he met when they were both homeless in Charleston, South Carolina where Robert was attempting to stowaway on a container ship bound for Amsterdam to meet a man claimed to have been unwashed for 35 years.  Robert sometimes refers to himself in the third person.  Robert describes the following about “Aberrations”

“It’s partly autobiographical, I spent a few years homeless and in jails up in the East Coast due in part to alcoholism and paranoid schizophrenia, and I managed to survive and grow thanks to caring and compassionate friends and family.  Some of my time on the streets and in jails I was working with music.  My husband suggested I do something with music, so I’m in Albuquerque making a go of it.  If you choose to listen to some of the album, I hope you find the experience rewarding” – Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers

When asked about coping with paranoid schizophrenia and receiving help from his husband, Robert stated the following:

“I guess the worst part of paranoid schizophrenia for me is the paranoia, this distorted idea that I have a target on my back and people want to make me suffer.  The schizophrenia part, hearing voices and hallucinating for example, this really hasn’t happened to me, with the exception of dreaming while simultaneously being awake, which has happened a few times, but for most part it’s the paranoia that gets in the way.  My husband Daniel knows me well, and it’s his patient(usually) voice that keeps me from going too far.  He’s really the reason I’m doing well today, not just as far as mental health goes but in terms of a career.  I was waiting for the right moment when my music was perfect to make a go of this, and he pretty much said, “There’s never going to be a perfect time.  Do it now.” It sounds like he’s the alpha male, but what we truly have is a partnership. 

When asked about adjusting his social media during the Covid-19 pandemic, Robert stated the following:

“I stay away from social media, which I know in this day and age is weird, but imagine a guy who thinks he’s so important strangers want to ruin his day.  Now imagine a setting where he’s encouraged to talk endlessly about himself.  Social media just gets really unhealthy for me, so I mostly avoid it.

Fans can check out “Aberrations” by Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers in its entirety via Spotify below:

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