Here at Madness To Creation, we are more than happy to premiere the single for “Happy When I’m Sad” by RENAISSANCE GRRL.  Renaissance Grrl is the side-project of 18-year old Alannah Jackson of Miss Kill fame.  Renaissance Grrl described as‘a young Kurt Cobain ’by Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, has her first single being released on the 5th of June, titled ‘Happy When I’m Sad’. This song captures the feelings of being shut in your room for 3 months with music as your only friend.This single was written at a time of absolute isolation,when there was absolutely nothing to do but music, dark times but the best of times. This is a song that everyone can relate to not only musicians but people who have only the voices inside their head to talk to.‘Happy When I’m Sad’is a reverb soup wrapped up in the emotions of facing three months of absolute isolation. The vocals are raw with gritty textures drawing on influences as diverse as Craig Nicholls of The Vines and P.J Harvey.  This quote from Alannah Jackson describes mental health and her single perfectly:

“Dealing with mental health can be hard for me, as a teenager, but I mostly deal with it by telling someone how I feel. Usually, I do this by composing a song. Then, I let those feelings out to the world. I feel that writing songs, and playing them out loud, comforts me. In a way, it really helps me as it feels like I’m talking to someone. I’m telling people how I feel and it also feels like I’m talking to my guitars which are very special to me.
Expressing myself to someone I trust, whether they’re a friend or family member, is a big part of me dealing with my mental health issues because I believe there is always someone out there for everyone. Someone you know and love who has either been what you’ve been through or understands what you are going through. They can help you through it.”

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