On May 29, Blacktop Mojo released a four-song EP titled Static.  The band, formed in 2012, is known for combining elements of classic rock (an almost blues sound) with elements of modern rock and grunge.  This range of sounds is evident on this short yet powerful effort!

The EP opens with “The End” which details a seemingly ruined life and the protagonist is trying to figure out how he or she got to that point.  This is typical of the band’s lyrical style.  Blacktop Mojo writes songs of life that the listener can easily relate to.  “The End” is full of blistering riffs and the lead singer Matt James emotional vocals are showcased extensively here.  Please check out the official lyric video for this potential hit here:

“Watch Me Drown” is a slower version of the opening song.  James exclaims, “You’ve got the rope in hand/Won’t you please throw me a line/You could have pulled me back to shore/But you had that look in your eye/When you watched me drown.”  This is one of the most visual representations of struggle I’ve come across this year and again it tugs at the heartstrings of the listener.  Please check out the official lyric video for “Watch Me Drown” below:

“Leave it Alone” and “Signals Gone” close out the EP and reflect the themes of the first two tracks.  “Signal’s Gone” in particular has a very southern rock sound to it and is another potential hit of this EP.  It presents a powerful metaphor of a TV signal representing the life of a person looking back on previous actions and left with the thoughts of how it could have been different.

It’s hard to give a short EP a ten-star rating, but I will say this is an extremely strong performance by Blacktop Mojo.  For fans of southern rock with a little bit of grunge mixed in, this band is definitely worth exploring!  Blacktop Mojo does have some concert listings on their website, but in these uncertain times I am going to simply implore the reader to checkout the following socials and website to stay up-to-date on the band:




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