Contributor’s Note:  Nick Pellicciotto(Edsel, Girls Against Boys, New Wet Kojack) appeared on the 103rd episode of The Don’s Hit List Podcast featuring The Don and The Grizz as co-hosts out of FAB Radio International out of Manchester, United Kingdom.  Nick discusses his drumming skills, along with his musical background and the 90’s music scene out of Washington D.C.  He also discusses his time as the touring sound guy for legendary band Fugazi.  His current band High Heavens is composed of Nick Pellicciotto, John Matthew Walker, Ernest Salaz, Jeremy Ervin and Jonathan Skaggs.  Nick cited The Police, especially Stewart Copeland as a major influence.  High Heavens also recently released their album “Springtime Don’t Call” via Bandcamp.  Fans can find High Heavens at the following locations:

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List Podcast at the following locations:

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