On May 22nd, Best Ex released her follow-up to “Ice Cream Anti-Social” with “Good At Feeling Bad”.  This EP offers a sense of empowerment and that chin up when life knocks a person down.

Marie Loveland aka Best Ex has such an honest and authenticity approach to her when it comes to her craft.  She causes you to drop everything and listen when it comes to her lyrical approach.

“Gap Tooth(On My Mind)” examines a broken relationship that she personally went through.  She gave and devoted her life to her love only for that love to be discarded with a brief phone call.  She took the torment and the disbelief that she went through during the holiday season and poured her soul.  When I think deeply about the lyrics, I think about how the ones that we love can be the ones that disappoint us the most and leave us in a tail spin.  Marie does an excellent job illustrating this.  From an arrangement standpoint, the music balances the lyrics.

“Lemons” sounds absolutely peppy with the danceable groove, catchy beat and infectious melodies.  The chorus “I can be my own best friend/What the hell was I thinking/I can be own best friend” takes the listener through a real-life story where when one makes life changes or goes through tough times, those that claim to be your true friends sometimes leave you at the drop of a hat.

Songs like “Bad Love” are about being manipulated by the one you love and “Feed The Sharks” goes through being abused in a domestic situation.  Best Ex absolutely writes from an honest standpoint and is such a powerful advocate for those that need empowerment or are victims of abuse.

If you want music that is stripped to the core and completely authentic, then look no further than “Good At Feeling Bad” by Best Ex.  Her voice causes you to pay attention to what she has to say and the music is created in such a way that it provides that balance between dancing and crying in the rain.  From a mental health perspective, I strongly recommend this album because it will lift your spirits out of the doldrums.  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Gap Tooth (On My Mind)
  2.  Lemons
  3.  Bad Love
  4.  Feed The Sharks
  5.  Two Of Us
  6.  Good At Feeling Bad

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