Recently, Chicago hard-rock trio Transgressions released their lyric video for “Fight Until The End”.  The video captures some moving images and news broadcasts on the fight and the struggle to get through the Covid-19 pandemic.  We were quarantined in our homes and trying to do our part to fight this vicious pandemic.  On a side note, I’ve personally known four people who had the Coronavirus and one had to spend about three weeks in the hospital.  We all also know first responders, nurses and doctors who were on the frontlines.  In Iowa, there were a group of them that went to New York City to be on the frontlines.  Now, we’ve had over 100,000 deaths in the United States due to this pandemic and we’re all clamoring for that hope.  The band Transgressions certainly provides a glimmer of light through their lyric video “Fight Until The End”.

In “Fight Until The End”, Transgressions provide that soaring and anthemic punch that is needed for today’s uncertain times.  We need music that is uplifting and to provide that shot in the arm to keep us going and Transgressions provided that for us in this song.  The vocals are on point, and the guitar work is the true driving force of this song.  The song also feels authentic.  Along with Transgressions, we are forever grateful to the first responders and to the doctors and nurses who have helped so many recover from this vicious pandemic.  We are grateful for you staying at home and practicing social distancing, and wearing a mask in public.  In a brief digression, the mask isn’t a freaking fashion statement, it’s to protect others and to protect yourselves.  Why wouldn’t you wear one?

At any rate, the future looks bright for Transgressions and the song and the video brought a tear to my eye.

Transgressions is composed of Kyle Bock on vocals/guitars, Les Cednick on guitars/backing vocals and Andrew Hotze on drums.  Fans can find Transgressions at the following locations:

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