This past Friday, Long Beach, California’s Wargirl released the soundtrack to the summer with “Dancing Gold”.  This album is so scintillating it’s disgusting.

Given the times where Chaz is occupying Seattle and people are rioting and protesting over the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, this album brings back those “summer of love” vibes where daisy chains, bellbottom pants and psychedelia ruled the day.

Wargirl is the mastermind of Matt Wignall, who produces for the Cold War Kids.  Under his guidance, this band effortlessly infuses those analog sounds of the 70’s, mixing soul, reggae, elements of AM Radio and small dashes of funk and punk into the music to create whimsical sounds and translucent vibes to their music.

You have those feelings in tracks such as “Drive”, which lays on thick as molasses bass with layers of harmony and psychedelia into the music.  Once the listener turns on this opening cut, we immediately realize that we are reliving the “summer of love” vibes of the 60’s and 70’s.  In the title track, the funk is laid down thick and the vocals have such a soulful vibe, in “2069”, there’s elements of disco and funk and the song is catchy as all get out.  “Pretend” offers an interesting mix of afrobeat, funk and a bit of reggae elements to create an eclectic vibe.

There is so many good vibes to “Dancing Gold” that it’s disgusting.  With “Dancing Gold”, Wargirl created one of the most infectious and fun-loving albums out there.  Gather a group of friends, some cold ones and head to the nearest beach and let Wargirl be the soundtrack to your summer with “Dancing Gold”.  Here is the album in its entirety via Spotify below, give it a stream!

Fans can find Wargirl at the following locations:

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