Contributor’s Note:  The legendary drummer Todd Sucherman of Styx appears on 109th episode of The Don’s Hit List Podcast via FAB Radio International with co-hosts The Don and The Grizz.  On May 2nd, Todd Sucherman released his solo album “Last Flight Home” via Aqua Pulse Records.  Recording sessions for “Last Flight Home” was co-produced by Sucherman and J.K. Harrison at various locales in California and Texas.  Over the course of its very concise and well-sequenced 42 minutes, Last Flight Home soars mightily, from the universal longing of the title track to the grandiose, twisted orchestral circus vibe of “Ad Lib Everything” (buttressed by a majestic string section) to the heartfelt surrender of “It’s Perfection” (featuring angelic background vocals from Todd’s esteemed better half, Taylor Mills) to the edgier, self-inflicted carnage of “The Damage.”

In fact, Last Flight Home is further proof that Sucherman’s inherent musical chops and respect for the pocket run deep and true, a fitting testament for a man who’s made a career out of serving the needs of the song at hand above all else. As further evidence, Todd cites a few key drummers he admires as being highly influential for how he approached his playing on this album — namely, the likes of Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention), and Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel).
In this podcast, The Don and The Grizz pour through “Last Flight Home”, along with Todd Sucherman’s influences and inspirations behind the creation of this album.  Fans can find Todd Sucherman and Styx at the following locations:
Fans can find The Don’s Hit List Podcast at the following locations:

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