Today, The Velvicks are premiering “LDNYC” with Madness To Creation.  This song was created as an anthem to the Covid-19 pandemic and being on lockdown/quarantine in New York City.  Despite being separated due to the quarantine, the band is still making music.  Check it out via Soundcloud below:

‘LDNYC’ Yes, it is about how the lockdown has intricately impacted all levels of our psyche. It is affecting our cognitive ability to interpret ourselves in relation to our post pandemic world.  We are trying to deal with it through a positive optic. In other words, a punch back right in the face of Covid19.- The Velvicks

About The Velvicks:

The Velvicks, like many of the best rock and roll stories, can be traced back to a basement–but even further back to a kid in his bedroom with a guitar a bit further away in Brazil. Vick Nader (guitar, songwriter and vocals), certainly had ample artistic inspiration early in life. Music became a unifying language that connected his lives in 2 very different places.

Vick’s family moved between Brazil and Miami during his childhood. Upon one of his return trips to Brazil his brother brought home an old nylon guitar which he started to play. By age 15, he was creating music that drew from both cultures, and decades of musical influence. He quickly found that music and guitar became both a therapy, and a social catalyst, connecting both of his cultures. Since very young he knew that he wanted to pursue music as more than a hobby.

In 2017 Vick, Vinny Da Silva (lead guitar) and Apoena Frota (bass) were hanging out at Ed Marson’s (Drums) house where they called “The Monroe Mansion”, throwing shows and parties in the basement. Following a serendipitous encounter with a booking agent at one of these parties and strong support from their Brooklyn music community, the group evolved into what is now known as The Velvicks. Their debut performance as a band was at the legendary Irving Plaza in New York City.

With influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Queens of The Stone Age, and Foo Fighters to The Black Keys and Radiohead, the band delivers heart pounding rock that is at once familiar and distinctive. The sounds of the band members individual experiences combine with a shared passion for authentic rock and roll. “Songs are making sense; the band is delivering badass live performances and people are responding to it.”says Vick Nader -Lead Vocals.

Over the last two years, the band has played local NYC venues like Rough Trade, National Sawdust, Surf Lodge and Gramercy Theater, and completed a West coast Tour. During that time, they began writing their debut EP. “Run”.– which will be released in Spring 2020. Please visit for more information and tour updates.

  • Photo Credit:  Guerin Blask

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