On June 12th, legendary Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery dropped a surprise solo EP entitled “Grief & Distance” via Rise Records.  This EP showcases the grief, heartache and uncertainty of a future for this artist.

This has been a traumatizing time for so many of us.  For so many people, we look to our bands and our musicians as a source of inspiration and to help us get through the trials and tribulations of life.  Music is the lifeblood for the lot of us.  The lyrics that are poured through from the doldrums of the artist’s soul help provide healing for our wounds.  The arrangements help wash away our cares as we get lost in the music.  Clint Lowery poured his emotions in “Grief & Distance”.

In this EP, the listener can tell that one Clint Lowery was going through some struggles and uncertainties as he poured his emotions and bared his soul through his voice and arrangements.  We can feel the uncertainty and his barren soul in tracks such as “I’m Wrong” and “Distance”.  “I’m Wrong” examines how one is left all alone after realizing he needs to right all the wrongs in his life and “Distance” just feels gut-wrenching.  I can relate to “Distance” because I want to hug my loved ones when this is all over and just thinking about this pandemic makes me tear up inside.

“Haunted” feels like he was hit really hard by the loss of his mother and the listener grieves with him as he pours his emotions into the grieving process.  The acoustic songs “What’s The Matter” and “Kings” breathe new life into the reimagination of Clint’s songs.

After all these years, Clint STILL finds a way to write a song that is relatable to today’s times.  “Grief & Distance” is incredibly insightful and it challenges the listener to carry on when times get difficult.  Beautiful job Clint, as always.

Check out the EP via Spotify below:

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