Contributor’s Note:  Roy “Dusty” Rogers Jr. of Sons of the Pioneers appeared on the 115th episode of The Don’s Hit List Podcast with co-hosts The Don and The Grizz.  In this episode, “Dusty” talks about the legacy of his father, the legendary Roy Rogers.  Sons of the Pioneers formed back in 1934 and many look to them as huge inspirations for country western music.  A fun fact for you, in 1977, the Smithsonian Institute declared Sons of the Pioneers as national treasures.  They go through the goosebump moments in the music and discuss Dale Evans who wrote the legendary song “Happy Trails”.  Fans can find Sons of the Pioneers at the following locations:

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List at the following locations:

If you don’t do Spotify, check out this episode and all other episodes via Soundcloud below:

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