California independent label Bad Time Records, released a unique 7″ split on June 5th.  The split features Philadelphia’s soul/ska outfit Catbite with East Bay’s newest punk trio Omnigone, which features members of the ska-core band Link 80.  Check out Catbite covering “White Riot” by The Clash and Omnigone covering “Nothing New” by Link 80.  Here is what Richard said on this edition of “Richard Re-Marx”:

I’m not sure what wave of Ska we’re on but I’m here for all of it.  It’s been a great year for Ska splits, starting with the Public Serpents/Upper Downer split in Jan. and more recently with The Holophonics/Younger Than Neil split in May.  Ska outfits Omnigone and Catbite kick-off the summer with a rowdy new EP.  The hot pink 7″ out by Bad Time Records isn’t just a good time but all the proceeds benefit the National Black Arts Foundation.  The album starts with Catbite covering an Omnigone song off their most recent full length, the aggressive and honest No Faith before performing the very London-Calling tune “White Riot”.  Omnigone returns the favor by turning Catbite’s Nothing New’ into a hardcore riot.  The album ends with the very Bay Area track “Nothing New:, made for the kegger or skatepark.

Fans can find Catbite at the following locations:

Fans can find Omnigone at the following locations:

Fans can check out the split via Spotify below:

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