Self-described “homo riot hardcore punk outfit from San Diego, The Gay Agenda has just dropped a new record titled “Penetrating” via La Escalera Records.  This record was recorded entirely on one take and blends punk and metal with queercore chaos.  Fans of Limpwrist, The HIRS Collective, Napalm Death, Tragedy and Disrupt will definitely appreciate what The Gay Agenda has to offer.

Painted on signs and shouted from megaphones, ‘pride started as a riot’ can’t be reiterated enough.   At the tail end of Pride month, in the middle of our nation’s biggest battle for civil rights and against systemic oppression since the 70’s now’s not the time to forget that all of our joys and current successes were hard fought.  San Diego’s Homo Riot is exactly what they say they are, loud, aggressive and gay.  Their newest full length Penetrating is a total onslaught all the way through.  The self-described hardcore/queercore band will be much appreciated by a wide array of heavy music lovers from HC to powerviolence for its commitment to brutality and honesty. The album is graced by Justin Pearson of legendary San Diego bands like The Locust and Swing Kids on the track Homo Riot, a relentless track from the first gang vocals to its last piercing yell.  Penetrating has an immense replay value, I found myself craving certain melodies and riffs and just kept relistening. Homo Riot isn’t just a powerful force and pretty face, they might be one of the best HC bands out there today.  Lucky for fans you can get this album on limited-edition screen printed vinyl to play over and over again.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.25.51 PM

  1.  Idolatry
  2.  Homo Riot (featuring Justin Pearson)
  3.  Power Bottom
  4.  Guillotine
  5.  Dick Print
  6.  Friends Without Benefits
  7.  Army Of Me (Bjork cover)
  8.  No-one4No-one
  9.  Sidewalk Sale
  10.  Cartilaginous Perspective and Studies About The Micro-Anatomy of a Blowjob
  11.  Masculinity Is A Prison

Fans can find The Gay Agenda at the following locations:

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