Today, The Bondztide, the surf-rock project led by Andrew Gibson of Remorsefully Numb, premiered their surf rock music video for “Private Isle”.  This EP takes the listener to the surf rock days of yesteryear, where it was about itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polka dot bikinis, beach parties and just people moving and grooving, while flipping their lids to the songs of yesteryear.  This has lush arrangements, those famous guitar hooks that you would hear from the legendary surf rock days and ambiance that make you long for a day at the beach.

Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Bondztide Peroxide
  2.  Private Isle
  3.  Saltrock Cove
  4.  Beach Cabin
  5.  Wave Parade
  6.  Still No Contact
  7.  The Goodbye

Fans can find The Bondztide at the following locations:

Fans can find Remorsefully Numb at the following locations:

Check out their single “Sapling” below:

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