Sound Track is the new single from the pop-punk quartet, Hometruths. Hailing from Newcastle in the UK, the four-piece outfit describe their music as blending catchy hooks with honest, real life narratives about the trials and tribulations of growing up.

The new single certainly delivers with the catchy hooks! From the off the track opens with bouncing energetic riffs and upbeat vocal lines. The instrumentation builds up nicely into the chorus and unleashes a strong sound. The melody line for the vocals and the lyrics are bound to get stuck in your head, I’m sure their fans will be singing along in no time. The guitar tones all blend really well. There’s a nice bit of distortion which fills the space of their sound, but it isn’t overdone for this genre. The leads add a little something extra to the instrumentation without overpowering everything else. The calmer, more minimal, bridge provides a good dynamic contrast. The energy of the final chorus has a greater impact because of it. The quality of the production of the single is great; everything feels well balanced and nicely polished.

Hometruths have created an energetic single in Sound Track which embodies the pop-punk genre whilst delivering a sense of their own unique sound. It has a good summery feel and I’m sure it’ll be a hit with pop-punk lovers.


Release date: 10th July 2020

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