2019 saw the fifteenth anniversary of the legendary German metallers, Powerwolf. Their new release, Best Of The Blessed, celebrates some of their best-known tracks, including some new versions, and their powerful live sound.

The selection of tracks on this album shows off their distinctive Gothic sound. The grandeur of the organs used in their music along with Attila Dorn’s demonic vocals are just aspects of the powerful atmosphere they create. The new version of We Drink Your Blood opens the album with a burst of energy; it’s a great start with its catchy chorus. The track Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend is a personal favourite of mine (for one I’ll take demons over diamonds any day!). It’s another catchy track and the added sense of humour brings something extra. Werewolves of Armenia, also a new version for this release, has a dramatic theatrical opening. The cries of wolves haunting atmospheric effects really set the scene for this track. It’s fast-paced and the choral backing vocals add a primal chant aspect to their sound. It all combines very effectively. The ballad, Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone, changes the pace of the album. The variation of their sound whilst still delivering a dramatic piece of music is great to hear. The more minimal piano and vocal opening shows another side to their sound.

The sound of a live performance is something I know many of us are missing greatly at the present. Hearing the intro music and applauding crowd on the live tracks brings a strong sense of longing to say the least! The live section of this release transports you to Powerwolf’s 2018 Wolfsnächte Tour. Their sound comes across incredibly well in the live recordings. The dynamics of their instrumentation come through clearly, the demonic low tones and soaring highs bring to life their iconic sound. The quality of the live vocals is especially noteworthy. The power of Dorn’s voice doesn’t let up in both their dark, demonic tracks like Fire & Forgive or their faster melodic songs Incense & Iron. The live version of Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend just shows how much of a crowd pleaser this track is. The audience participation at the beginning is rather excellent. The performance of Stossgebet is intense. The dramatic instrumentation and vocals combine to create an incredible track. Concluding with Let There Be Night the atmosphere has an emotional feel. Hearing the audience singing along is a wonderful touch.

This release truly is a celebration of Powerwolf’s fifteen-year career. They’ve produced some incredible tracks over the years and their popularity just shows how many people connect with their music. Powerwolf’s demonic, Gothic sound is quite simply iconic, and I’m sure they’re not slowing down yet!

“Best of the Blessed” by Powerwolf track listing:

  1.  We Drink Your Blood (New Version 2020)
  2.  Army of the Night
  3.  Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend
  4.  Werewolves of Armenia (New Version 2020)
  5.  Saturday Satan (New Version 2020)
  6.  Amen & Attack
  7.  Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
  8.  Resurrection by Erection (New Version 2020)
  9.  Sanctified By Dynamite (New Version 2020)
  10.  Kreuzfeuer
  11.  Armata Strigoi
  12.  Kiss of the Cobra King (New Version 2019)
  13.  Killers with the Cross
  14.  Sacred & Wild
  15.  In Blood We Trust (New Version 2020)
  16.  Let There Be Night

The Live Sacrament (Earbook bonus)

  1.  Fire & Forgive
  2.  Incense & Iron
  3.  Amen & Attack
  4.  Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend
  5.  Killers with the Cross
  6.  Armata Strigoi
  7.  Blessed & Possessed
  8.  Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
  9.  Resurrection by Erection
  10.  Stossgebet
  11.  All We Need Is Blood
  12.  We Drink Your Blood
  13.  Werewolves of Armenia
  14.  Lupus Dei

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