I am late to the party.  The kind where the record stops when you walk in late to that party and everyone is looking at you.  Such is the case with me with the May 1st EP release of indie synth/punk darlings Courage My Love entitled “Spectra”.

To paraphrase, the definition of “Spectra” comes from the word “spectrum” where any ray of light can show from low intensity to intense brightness over a range of energies.  In this case, this album is a spectra or a mood based on the various energies that it possesses.  It opens up with some saccharine goodness with “Teenagers”, the guitars and harmonies reflect the mood of this song, where it encourages the listener to be themselves instead of being like that cover model in that magazine.

Then, the EP takes on an 80’s kind of new wavey/Tears For Fears feel with “Original”.  The harmonies that Mercedes and Phoenix possess showcase a sophistication in this group.  The song “Girls” takes on the issue of feminism with “girls just want to be loved”, making it infectious and lovable while maintaining a social consciousness in the material.

The interesting thing about this EP is that that “Spectra” I was referring to earlier goes from bright lights to a dark glimmering light towards the end with “Everybody’s Lonely” and “Sleeptalker”.  It’s interesting how the concept is laid out from the plights that teenagers go through in their awkward years to the realization that the younger years are behind them.  The EP is laid out to tell a story, you have to listen to this concept the whole way through to grasp it.  The growth and maturation of Courage My Love continues to make them a very desirable and palatable listen, whether you want to chill out or bop around the house.  This EP is so relatable from a mental health perspective because it challenges the listener to be empowered and to embrace getting old, which is something we all need to do.  Check out the EP via Spotify below:

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