Recently, Kansas City’s own Giants Chair released their EP entitled “Prefabylon” via Spartan Records.  Scott Hobart, Byron Callum and Paul Ackerman are continuing to make their mark as pioneers of emo music.  Brooklynvegan describes them as “if Thin Lizzy was a 90’s Midwest emo band”.

When agents send us albums to get reviewed they come essentially written, someone else tells you what the cool parts are and why these songs are impactful, most of the time these press releases come with blurbs from the artist themselves to use in the review.  I try my best to never read them and make up my own inferences.  For the release of Giants Chair, however, I really resonated with the words of frontman Scott Hobart; “I’ve generally left ‘protest’ lyrics of any real political or religious specificity to the professionals…what do I really have to say?…But, as the ignorance and arrogance of the Trump era woke me to new, more dangerous levels of reckless absurdity every day, I finally reached the point – maybe the obligation – that I needed to express my frustration in some way, if only for myself.”  The two new tracks by KS Emo veterans are rife with ripping guitars and great production and are at base-level two really good songs but more importantly they are tomes to the frustrations of living in capitalist America and should be handled with care.  If we’re lucky these songs hint at future releases.

Check out this incredible album via Spotify below:

Check out the music video for “The Streets” below:

Fans can find Giants Chair at the following locations:

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