Recently, Static X released what could be the comeback album of 2020 with “Project: Regeneration Vol. 1”.  This is a kick in the teeth while dancing on that disco dance floor.

The opening track entitled “Regeneration” is a perfect and sobering reminder of what life is all about.  This band had the proverbial head of the snake ripped off(not comparing the band to a snake, it’s an expression) when Wayne Static passed away a few years ago, and they picked up the pieces and regenerated through the final recordings of Wayne Static.  The track through the lyrics reminded me that they’re ready to go again and carry on with Xero as the frontman.

If the band was in full force and able to resolve their differences, this is what it would sound like and it would rival that of their classic album “Wisconsin Death Trip”.  Their “death disco” vibes is what brought them to the dance.  “Project:  Regeneration Vol. 1” is a friendly reminder of that.  The fourth track “Terminator Oscillator” is just in your face like a Mike Tyson comeback punch while “All These Years” offer up more sublime choruses and vocal stylings.  “Accelerate” is a nod to EDM meets Industrial that allows the rhythm section to absolutely shine like the Northern Lights in a Norwegian sky.

In my impressions of the album, it’s easy to forget that these are the final recordings of Wayne Static.  He sounds alive and fresh.  It’s a total comeback of a record that reminds us why we love Static X.  It just hits hard and it has that ambiance and programming that stands them out from the rest.  It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a Volume 2 and where Xero takes the band!  Here is album via Spotify below:

Fans can find Static X at the following locations:

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