600 million streams on Spotify.  10 million records sold.  14 platinum and gold singles.  5 platinum and gold albums.  16 No.1 Active Rock hits.  Countless lives touched.  This is Shinedown.  Shinedown realized how much we have missed concerts so much it hurts.  They released their “Live In London” concert video for free on YouTube to help us get through this Covid-19 pandemic and through these intense concert withdrawals.  They toured last year in support of their latest album “Attention Attention”, which is an album that will stand the test of time as songs touch on mental health and sobriety along with the strength of the human spirit.

The concert hits hard with a call to arms to come together for a night with the song “Devil”, which is a take on the human spirit and don’t give up when you’re fighting those personal demons in your life.  Then, they went into their smash hit “Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay, Boom-Lay, Boom)”, which made it plain to see why Shinedown has been so successful.  Powerful vocals from Brent Smith, a booming rhythm section(no pun intended), and intense guitar work that doesn’t do anything but serve the song how it was meant to be presented.  The fire and the light show got the London crowd amped up.  “Enemies” and “Monsters” began the transition into the set where it showed the more “vulnerable” side to Shinedown, and I must tell you about the scene in their smash song “Get Up”.  “Get Up” is such an anthem for people, I love songs that touch on mental health.  The lighter/cell phone scene showed unity and why us at Madness To Creation miss concerts so much.  In this moment during the video, the problems of 2020 temporarily disappeared, and reminded me why I love concerts so much.

They poured into their tremendous cover of “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd before closing off the set with “Sound of Madness” and “Brilliant”.  Shinedown this was a noble thing that you did as a band.  I would’ve gladly paid money for this on Blu-Ray or DVD.  Thank you for reminding us what concerts are about.  The band coming together to pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their music.  Fans buying tickets and forgetting about various affiliations and leaving their troubles at the gate to enjoy an hour of music.  Tears and joy being shared by fans over songs that connected one another and helped get them through.  I’m desperate for concerts to return again, at this point I don’t care if I have to wear a hazmat suit, thank you Shinedown for this experience.  See you all soon.

Track listing:

  1.  Devil
  2.  Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay, Boom-Lay, Boom)
  3.  Enemies
  4.  Monsters
  5.  Get Up
  6.  Cut The Cord
  7.  Second Chance
  8.  Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
  9.  Sound of Madness
  10.  Brilliant

* Photo Credit:  Sanjay Parikh

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