‘Deliverance’ is the new album from Norwegian high-octane metallers Fight The Fight who founded under the name Faenskap. This release follows on from their debut album which landed in 2017.

‘Deliverance’ is described as having the stompy power of Slipknot’s heaviest songs – the track certainly has elements that are reminiscent of Slipknot, along with some aspects that could derive from the more extreme metal genres. The layered vocals deliver a full sound that really enhances the texture of the music. The guitar tones used are interesting; the rhythm guitars almost have a more rock n’ roll edge to them. The lead guitar brings in a hint of dissonance with a soaring lead that is present throughout most of the song. Altogether it’s a somewhat eclectic mix of tones and textures. It’s a good energetic track and produces a unique sound, personally I’d like the guitars to have a heavier, fuller sound. At times the vocals do seem a little disjointed from the guitars. The heavy riff of ‘Ritual’ is delicious, and the prominence of bass works really well. A hint of Rammstein can be detected here in the rhythmic style used, as well as in the track ‘Calling You Back’. The chord progressions in ‘Calling You Back’ are some of my favourite on the album, especially the soaring chorus.

‘Triggerfinger’ has a fantastic groovy rhythm; the opening to this track is very energetic. Lyrically, this track delivers some angsty, teenage aggression. The vocal style really suits Vegas’ voice. If I’m honest, I find this sort of lyrical content, particularly that of the verses, really cringy. The chorus works really well and the way in which the vocals have been layered delivers a powerful harmony that fills out the space. It’s a proper wall of sound. The momentum of ‘Turbo Sex’ is energetic throughout. The percussion in this track is particularly powerful and complements the guitar and bass rhythms. ‘Paradigm’ takes a bit more of a progressive turn with even groovier rhythms. The cleaner vocals in the chorus introduce another side to Fight The Fight’s sound. Hearing these variations and developments in their music throughout the album keeps things interesting. The classical guitar melody at the end of the track was certainly an unexpected surprise!

Their combination of heavy textures, soaring clean leads and distinctive vocals produces a very interesting sound. It’s not necessarily going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but the experimentation and progressive nature of their sound is unique.

Fight The Fight is:
Lars Vegas – vocals
Amok – guitars
Lord – guitars
HM – bass
Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow – drums

Fight The Fight (2017)
Deliverance (2020)

Fight The Fight online:



Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Deliverance
  2.  Ritual
  3.  Triggerfinger
  4.  Calling You Back
  5.  Pacemaker
  6.  Dying
  7.  Pitbull
  8.  Love
  9.  Turbo Sex
  10.  Paradigm

Check out the recently released single “Ritual” below:

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