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(Mental Health Conversations): Lacey Crowe of BOURBON HOUSE

Editor’s Note:  This past June, Wisconsin-based blues rock outfit Bourbon House released “Too High To Care” single which is described as “modern rock with a hard 70’s blues-rock edge”.  They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Crobot and Jasmine Cain and played shows in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Nashville.  They were also featured on a compilation CD for Classic Rock Magazine for their hit “Devil On My Heels”.  In this mental health conversation with Madness To Creation, frontwoman Lacey Crowe of Bourbon House discusses coping with the civil unrest and Covid-19 pandemic along with their two singles “Too High To Care” and “Devil In My Heels”.  Fans can find Bourbon House at the following locations:





Before the interview, we were talking about why Lacey was sitting in her closet:

Madness To Creation:  Tell me why you are sitting in your closet.  *laughs*

Lacey:  *laughs*  This is where I do my makeup, and I’m really happy to do this interview!

Madness To Creation:  I’m glad to have you on!  Tell me, how have you been coping with the Covid-19 pandemic?

Lacey:  It’s particularly hard at times, especially for everyone as it’s impacted people and businesses, we have kind of used it to connect with our fans more and to do a lot of social media stuff,(at time of interview), we haven’t done any livestreams or anything like that, but we’ve been there everyday and communicating with everybody and we’ve released music during this time as well, and we’ve had music pre-recorded before Covid-19, so we’re kind of taking on some stuff, there isn’t any shows, but yoga has been a help always with my mental health for sure, it’s just about taking care of ourselves.

Madness To Creation:  Absolutely!  How have you and your band Bourbon House adjusted getting your music out there with Covid-19?

Lacey:  Nothing much has changed with getting the music out there other than being able to play shows, but we’ve still been able to promote ourselves and to use social media for all of that stuff, I think we’ve been kind of using the same strategies that we’ve been using before, just develop those personal connections.

Madness To Creation:  Personal connections are so critical, with your band and in your life, who do you feel that you can go to in your life whether it’s professionally or in your personal life for that extra pick-me-up for your mental health?

Lacey:  That’s a good question, really just my close friends and family.  I talk to my sister almost every day and I don’t know if you know this but we’re moving to Wisconsin and my family has been in Canada, so I haven’t been able to go over and see them, but I definitely talk to my big sister every day, and she’s great, she’s a great source of grounding me and helping me out, so my friends and family, and my bandmates have been amazing.

Madness To Creation:  Given this pandemic, what’s the absolute thing that you miss the most and what’s the first thing that you want to do when this is all over?

Lacey:  Hug my family, that’s the first thing that I want to do, I miss hugging people and I miss being around people and not being afraid to get close, I’m very much a love and connection kind of person it’s very important in our humanity, it’s very healing, now it’s like “stay away from me”, I hate that, I hate all of that.

Madness To Creation:  I have kind of a loaded question for you.  Your band is persevering by releasing the single “Too High To Care”, I love the bluesy rock vibe and the carefree attitude of the song, what can people expect from your band and the song if they haven’t heard it, and how would you describe your band Bourbon House using a movie title or a book title?

Lacey:  That is a loaded question! *laughs* So that song “Too High To Care” is talking about having that pick me up, it was written specifically to be a fun rock-n-roll song but people can just go to it and be like, “I’m having a bad day and I just want to have fun and forget about who I am and where I am in life” and I’m happy that you’re getting that from that, that was the point.  What were the other questions? *laughs*

Madness To Creation:  Honestly I’m trying to remember, oh I got it, describe your band using a movie title! *laughs*

Lacey:  Well we are very free-spirited but we also have songs about bad relationships and breakups.  I honestly can’t think of one.

Madness To Creation:  I do have one for you but it’s based on the style of Bourbon House, I was thinking Patrick Swayze’s movie “Roadhouse”.

Lacey:  Nice!  

Madness To Creation:  Fun question for you, give me a song you and your band want to cover, and your fanbase is like, “what the hell are they covering that for”

Lacey:  One song I would really like to cover but I don’t think our fans would react that way is “Oh! Darling” by The Beatles, but I wouldn’t mind doing a rock-n-roll version of a Backstreet Boys song, that would be fun.  The song “Backstreet’s Back(Everybody)”!  *laughs*

Madness To Creation:  Either that song or “Larger Than Life” would be awesome! *laughs*  Plus that song has a ridiculous guitar solo in there, so that would be interesting!

Lacey:  Exactly!

Madness To Creation:  What are the next steps for this band once this pandemic is over?

Lacey:  I definitely see us on the road, we just signed on with a PR, so that’s working into the future for us, we just got on the roster there, so we’re looking forward to hitting the road definitely, and we have more songs recorded, mixed and mastered, so we definitely have some more music that we can release before everything is all opened up and hopefully back to mostly normal, so we see ourselves releasing more music and eventually hitting the road.

Madness To Creation:  That sounds awesome and I imagine that concerts are going to be so much better when this is all over.

Lacey:  I agree and I think that people miss it so much and I think that people are going to feel it more and feel connected and feel that connection more. 

Madness To Creation:  A song I have it’s called “Aftermath” by The Ghost Inside, it’s been getting me through, what song or album gets you through the difficult times?

Lacey:  I listen to a lot of Chris Cornell, anything that he’s done really, his album “Euphoria Morning” is an album that he did, it’s a full album that he did in the 90’s, every song gets to me in a different kind of way and for awhile after he died, I couldn’t really listen to anything and then I started to feel bad that I wasn’t listening to him anymore, so now listening to him doesn’t make me sad anymore, it makes me feel different, well every song makes me feel different, it’s just always been nice to listen to, so I listen to that album a lot, I listen to a lot of Soundgarden too, so yeah, Chris Cornell all the way!

Madness To Creation:  If Chris Cornell was sitting in on this interview, what would you say to him?

Lacey:  “Oh my god, I love you”, I would just tell him that I love him, and I would thank him, I kind of feel like he was my vocal coach without him knowing that he was because he is really hard to sing, especially with me being a female, I just grew up singing his songs and I really feel that it helps me.

Madness To Creation:  I remember driving on my way to work, then heard on the radio that he took his own life and I just remember practically bawling, I do some work for suicide prevention and activism, what are some things that you’re an activist for?

Lacey:  I’m an animal lover for sure, there’s no like specific charity or specific thing that I’m thinking, that stuff really just hurts my heart, the animal abuse bullshit, I hate it, that’s probably my biggest thing.

Madness To Creation:  Have you seen Saved By The Barn?

Lacey:  I haven’t!

Madness To Creation:  It’s an incredibly touching reality show, it’s about this guy from Michigan that takes in farm animals that have been abused, neglected or are special needs cases, it makes me cry every episode

Lacey: I will check that out!  It’s Saved By The Barn?

Madness To Creation:  Yes, just like Saved By The Bell but it’s Saved By The Barn.  *laughs* I also seen that you all released a single last year for “Devil On My Heels”, take us into that song and how does Bourbon House come together to create a song in the studio.

Lacey:  The song “Devil On My Heels”, we did write a song about the devil because it is rock-n-roll, we started writing it and it sounded pretty plain, and me and Jason, the guitarist, usually start writing the songs, and our drummer heard what we were doing and he’s like, “this needs to have a slide guitar in it”, and we were like, “okay”, so we started doing the main riff, and so suddenly it changed the whole thing, it changed the whole song and now it’s a very bluesy slide guitar rock-n-roll song, so that’s how we basically write songs typically but on this last recording that we did, we do have this song written by our drummer in which he came over with an acoustic guitar and he has a really nice voice too, so he sang it to us and we were like, “do what you want with it, this is it, let’s make it a Bourbon House song though”, and that’s a new single that’s coming out, it’ll be coming out shortly.

Madness To Creation:  What else would you like to add in regards to Bourbon House?

Lacey:  Yeah, so we are very active in our social media and we do like to be connected to our fans, we are @bourbonhouseofficial on Facebook, we’re also @bourbonhouseofficial on Instagram and we are @bourbonhouse_ on Twitter and we are active on every single one of those and if you send us comments or messages, we will get back to you.  We have some really awesome fans, we just want to thank them for everything that they do and thank you for being a fan of Bourbon House, we’re nothing without you. 

And there you have it!  Be on the lookout for some more Bourbon House by following their website and social media platforms for more music in the near future!

  • Photo Credit:  Mary Rose Pries Photography


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      Thank you D for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Bourbon House! Please tell a friend about us!

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