Following his collaboration with Iggy Pop and album retrospective at London’s Roundhouse in 2017, UK singer songwriter Tim Arnold returns with new album ‘When Staying Alive’s The Latest Craze’ on November 6th, 2020 on Bandcamp, streaming, CD and vinyl.  Pre-order link:

Foreword by author JOHN HIGGS
On 23 March 2020, the day the UK went into lockdown, Tim Arnold began work on what became WHEN STAYING ALIVE’S THE LATEST CRAZE. He had little choice but to do this because it making the record was how he processed things. “I had to just keep responding to what was happening, because it was always pretty intense,” he recalls. What is so extraordinary, given this context, is how universal the album is. Arnold faced his own unique personal situation and pulled out of it stories and feelings that all of us can recognise. The effect is like listening to a soundtrack album and realising with shock that it is the soundtrack to your own life.
A new and different world seems to arrive every few days on average now, and we can be forgiven if much of our mental capacity is spent trying to navigate this. There is a danger that what we saw at the start will be forgotten, when our lives and values were presented back to us in magnified clarity. Should this happen, WHEN SAYING ALIVE’S THE LATEST CRAZE will help. Arnold went deep into the unified and the universal, so you will find your own personal portrait here.
John Higgs, Brighton, August 2020
Singles and Videos
Playlist for all FIVE videos taken from the album so far:

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