Editor’s Note:  This was fantastic to listen to.  Drumming and playing an instrument can be so therapeutic.  There are times where just letting out your aggression on a drum kit can be so soothing, as Juan Hinojosa shows here in this drum playthrough for the song “Mosaic” by Shaping The Legacy.  The music takes you on a journey through the many colors and the many abstract aspects of life.  One moment you’re feeling like the sky is the limit and the next moment, you’re feeling like the world just came crashing down on top of you.  “Mosaic” is about expressing those feelings and doing what it takes to rise above the challenges and obstacles of life.  

Juan Hinojosa is a session drummer out of San Antonio, Texas.  For drumming lessons and sessions, please email Juan at pbiddles10@gmail.com .  In the meantime, enjoy this drum playthrough for the song “Mosaic” by Shaping The Legacy.

Fans can find Shaping The Legacy at the following locations:



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