Recently, metalcore mainstays Atreyu did a fan-request “Greatest Hits” livestream.  Fans were able to purchase general admission livestream tickets for $10 each, or they could’ve gotten VIP passes which included exclusive content for $35.  We recently viewed the “Greatest Hits Carry The Fire” livestream.  Coming up on December 4th, we will be doing a throwback review of their album “Lead Sails + Paper Anchors” and do a comparison/contrast so to speak between their studio album and the livestream album in its entirety.  Sit back and relax and enjoy part one of this review.
Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this relatively new lineup.  Alex Varkatzas is no longer the main frontman and Brandon Saller stepped from behind the kit to be the frontman for Atreyu and this was a way to introduce their new drummer Kyle Rosa to the fold.
This felt like something that was reignited by throwing gasoline onto the fire as opposed to dousing the fire with water.  Atreyu felt completely reenergized and ready to once again take over the metalcore scene as they were THE BAND to listen to in metalcore back in the 2000’s.  Brandon sang with so much zeal and energy, Kyle Rosa is a charismatic fit behind the kit, and Marc “Porter” McKnight brought his beard and a new energy behind the unclean vocals, and you can’t forget the twin guitar attack by Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel as well(see I rhymed at the end there).
The performance was electric from the first note to the last note.  Atreyu kicked off the night with “Save Us” and rolled right into their 2019 comeback smash “The Time Is Now”.  The lasers and stage set up felt like we were actually there and I definitely appreciated the dual drumming by Kyle and Brandon on “The Time Is Now”.  “Porter’s” screams were incredible on “Right Side Of The Bed” and “Bleeding Mascara”.  Atreyu switched things up on their classic “The Theft”, where it was just Brandon and his acoustic guitar.  The song took on a whole new life when the song really kicked in to its familiar midtemp sound towards the final chorus.  That blew my brain to smithereens.  Their new single entitled “Underrated” saw Atreyu return to their roots, and it was a highly emotive track.  “Battle Drums” was the surprise of the night, and Brandon stated how surprised they were at the amount of Spotify streams that song received.  That song incorporated some dual vocals along with a bit of a trap sound.
This was an incredibly fun night and I can’t wait to check them out as they play “Lead Sails + Paper Anchors” in its entirety.  Here is the setlist.
1.  Save Us
2.  The Time Is Now
3.  Right Side Of The Bed
4.  Ex’s and Oh’s
5.  Do You Know Who We Are?
6.  The Theft
7.  Bleeding Mascara
8.  Underrated
9.  Battle Drums
10.  House of Gold
11.  Lip Gloss and Black
Fans can find Atreyu at the following locations:

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