For the next 36 hours(approximately), you can go to Veeps and check out the livestream of “Capturing Judas” by the already legendary band Fozzy for $10 plus convenience fees.  I always tell my readers and listeners to catch some livestream shows, because face it, bands and those that work with them have lost their asses this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s only helpful to put a few dollars back in their pockets and support what they are doing so our stages can be saved and so bands can tour again when this Covid-19 pandemic is over or subsides at least.

“Capturing Judas” by Fozzy is over two hours of amazing entertainment.  “Capturing Judas” starts off with a 30 minute mini-documentary chronicling Fozzy’s 2017 “Judas” run where they had three shows in one 24 hour day, which is pretty incredible to think about.  They started off with a morning show at a venue in Ft. Myers, Florida, then packed up their gear into a private jet and flew to El Paso, Texas, and then landed at the airport next to the Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We immediately saw what makes Chris Jericho such an imposing larger than life figure.  The man was born to entertain, whether it’s as a professional wrestler for AEW or as the charismatic frontman for Fozzy.  Loudwire Nights helped chronicle this incredible day for the band and it was a good way to start off getting a behind the scenes look into Fozzy.

Then, fans get an intimate setting which is Fozzy’s studio and they crank out the tunes, and did they crank it up to 11.  They showed immediately that they were not messing around with the track “Sin and Bones”, which kind of showed a glimpse of early Fozzy’s thrash elements.  I can tell that they are there to immediately kick your teeth in live as they want to absolutely rock and bring a smile to the audience’s faces.  Then, the band kicked into the catchy singalong “Drinkin’ With Jesus”, and you can tell the band loves playing this song.  After they kicked into the two songs, the band started telling stories.

Some of the stories that were being told was the phone call and email that they received that they were receiving the opportunity to open for Iron Maiden in the United Kingdom.  They stated that was the first and only time that they’ve had a countdown to a gig, which really shows how huge of an honor it is to open for Iron Maiden.  They also shared accounts about favorite festivals that they have played, their co-writing experience with Matt Walst of Three Days Grace for “Elevator”, and how their smash hit “Painless” almost didn’t make it through the demo stages because Chris Jericho hated it at first.

The band was just on fire, and it makes the viewer chomp at the bit for live shows to return.  Chris Jericho and Fozzy are essentially family, and you can tell with their seamless chemistry in the live setting.  You can almost tell how humbled and emotional Chris Jericho got at the success of the song “Judas”, he especially brought up how 2,000 people on the Jericho Cruise were singing along to it as he came out in his entrance music for the AEW wrestling event.

This band is certainly on the upward trajectory with their in-your-face attitude, their good time hard rock, and the charisma that the band shares as a whole.  Check out the setlist below:

  1.  Sin and Bones
  2.  Drinkin’ With Jesus
  3.  One Crazed Anarchist
  4.  Burn Me Out
  5.  Nowhere To Run
  6.  Elevator
  7.  Do You Want To Start A War?
  8.  Lights Go Out
  9.  Painless
  10.  Wolves At Bay
  11.  Enemy
  12.  Sandpaper
  13.  Judas

Please support live music.  Instead of getting that cup of coffee at Starbucks, spend the $10 to get this livestream at

Fans can also check out Fozzy at the following locations:

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