Editor’s Note:  Christopher Harold Wells of The Neverlutionaries joins the 5th episode of the Madness To Creation Podcast.  The mental health message for this episode is to rely on your family to get through this Covid-19 pandemic along with getting out of your comfort zone.  That’s what Christopher of The Neverlutionaries did.  He spent time with his family, enjoyed the holidays and he went back to his roots to create the upcoming self-titled debut album, which is due out February 12th via Polychromatic Records.  The record includes the music video release for “Ariana” and on January 6th, they will be releasing their second single entitled “Stumble”.  

This album was created with the who’s who of studio musicians including Kenny Olson(Bootsy Collins), Chris McGrew(Pamela Parker and The Fantastic Machine), pianist Ryan Hickey, Nick Baglio(Gucci Mane),  and guitarist Johnnie Axtell(Psychefunkapus).  The music video “Ariana” has such a shoegaze/atmospheric vibe that includes delayed trippy guitars in order to create this intense dreamy effect, because that’s how love can feel.  I’m putting this record on the “Albums to Watch for in 2021 list”.  Check out the music video below:

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* Photo Credit:  Michael Phillips

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